Celebrate your Graduation with Chocolate Gift Boxes & Hampers with Chocovira

Experience the enchantment of personalised boxes for announcement of your graduation chocolates and exquisite gift hampers! With over a decade of expertise, we specialise in curating remarkable gifts that will elevate your special moments with loved ones.

Explore our extensive selection of 150+ chocolate gift boxes, thoughtfully designed to cater to every preference. From affordable options starting at INR 150 to more luxurious choices up to INR 2000, we ensure there’s something for every budget.

Immerse yourself in a delightful array of flavours, ranging from creamy milk chocolate to rich dark chocolate, and from crunchy bites to nutty delights and caramel indulgence. Choose from our collection of 20+ flavours or create your very own custom blend for a truly unique experience.

Discover an assortment of irresistible treats, such as the delicate Florentines, the irresistible English Brittles, the delightful Almond Rocks, the tempting Dragees, and many more. Each product is meticulously crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, guaranteeing a sublime taste sensation.

Rest easy knowing that we prioritise nationwide delivery and adhere to the highest safety standards. Our direct doorstep delivery ensures utmost convenience, allowing you to focus on the well-being of your little ones.

Please note that we exclusively cater to bulk orders, enabling us to offer these delectable chocolates at unparalleled prices. To secure your graduation announcement chocolates for distribution, we recommend pre-booking to ensure availability and avoid any potential disappointment.

Experience the sheer joy of sharing our premium chocolates with your beloved friends and family. Place your order today and savour the exquisite flavours we have meticulously prepared for you.

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    Trusted Reviews on Google

    shashi Sharma
    shashi Sharma
    20 October 2023
    Had a great experience. The quality is brilliant . The process from selection to finalising the design is also very smooth. Super impressed with their timely delivery. They go a step further and also provide you with a free sample box( only delivery to be paid) Would recommend to try them.
    Giselle DMello
    Giselle DMello
    19 October 2023
    They are one of a kind service providers of handmade chocolates in Mumbai. Absolutely loved the packaging, chocolates & the quality ofcourse. I was looking for options for return favours for my son's first birthday when i came across Chocovira on Insta. But my order quantity was only 20 boxes. I was skeptical that they will accept the order with so little quantity but to my surprise they did ! I was contacted by one of their sales representatives Priya, she was very helpful and guided me step by step throughout the order process. Also she was very professional and very good at follow ups. The design team is also good. Both the sales and design team made sure that I get my order on time. As i placed the order just 10-12 days before my event. Would definitely recommend Chocovira for the quality of chocolates and packaging and customisation! Thank you for making my event a memorable one.
    Dr Prathyusha Nalla
    Dr Prathyusha Nalla
    11 October 2023
    Hello, this is an entirely new concept which we tried, the moment we got the compliments for the taste of the choclates and the packaging from our guests made us to feel that we took a right option.overall i love the box design which is totally presentable. i would love to shop for my next coming events.
    Sachin Maru
    Sachin Maru
    9 October 2023
    Chocolate, wrapping, design were good. Pricing is reasonable. They have varities of chocolates and gifting options.
    Payal Modi
    Payal Modi
    26 September 2023
    Lovely chocolates and very good collection for gifting...Shweta was very very helpful...made hampers for my son n daughter both..thanking Vivek specially for taking personalised care of everything.
    yamini mande
    yamini mande
    22 September 2023
    They are one of a kind service providers in Mumbai. That does not mean they comprise on quality. The box and the chocolates are of top quality. My experience with them started when I wanted to place a order of boxes for baby announcement. But my order quantity was only 25boxes. I was skecptical they will even accept the order to my surprise they did. I was contacted by one of their amazing sales representatives Aishwarya she was very helpful and guided me throughout the order process also I give a thumbs up to her for her follow up. A business development team needs a person like her who has strong follow ups. The design team is also good. Both the sales and design team made sure that I got my order on time. They delivered the ordered within 5 days which was another achievement on their teams part as minimum they take is 7days. I would recommend Chocovira for the services they provide. They stick to their commitments and products are top quality.
    Vidhi Rachh
    Vidhi Rachh
    21 September 2023
    I am so grateful to have received such a wonderful hampers from your company chocovira. We liked your quality, packing,finishing everything. My all the relatives and friends loved it so much. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. U guyz truly deserve lots of appreciation from my side. Highly recommend chocovira from our side.💐💐🥰🥰
    25 August 2023
    Taste and Quality of the chocolate was amazing... highly recommended for the best return gifts.
    Beauty Blogger
    Beauty Blogger
    21 August 2023
    Hi Aishwarya, We have received the box and it looks so good and also were packed in a very safe manner. We love your service and would like to use in future also. Good job 👍
    12 August 2023
    Good service . Very professional. Good quality packaging, design and chocolates.

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    Chocolate Boxes for Graduation Announcement for Friends and Family

    Customized Chocolate Boxes for Graduation Announcement for Friends & Family


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      Why Choose Chocovira for your Graduation Announcement Gifts ?

      Signature Delicacies

       Tailor Made Variety of Signature Flavoursome Chocolates

      Fully Personalised

      Exclusive Designs & Personalised Boxes as per your requirement & budget

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      Can be directly delivered to your guest’s house at low cost. PAN-INDIA

      Our Brand Story

      Mrs. Chetna embarked on a new adventure, recognizing that while eating is a necessity, cooking is an art. To her, it encompassed flavor, emotion, craftsmanship, and love transformed into edible creations. Growing up in a traditional family during the 1960s, cooking was perceived more as a duty than a passion, something every girl was expected to learn. Yet, even in that era, her talent couldn’t be overshadowed or dismissed. The meals she prepared were a testament to the beauty found in simplicity. The tantalizing aromas emanating from her food transcended traditional boundaries and liberated her spirit. Everything she crafted with her hands was infused with her heart, rendering it more flavorful and nourishing.

      These experiences laid the foundation for Chocovira in 2012. Mrs. Chetna started small, but now Chocovira thrives in its own professional chocolate factory unit in Mumbai, employing over 30 individuals. What began as one batch at a time has grown into a daily production capacity of over 600 kilograms. From starting with five flavors, Mrs. Chetna has expanded her repertoire to over 30 varieties, each holding its own distinct charm.

      Within these chocolate creations lie Mrs. Chetna’s secret stash of recipes—culinary inventions born out of desire, creativity, and an irresistible embrace of sinful chocolate. Her expertise lies in handmade chocolates and personalized chocolate gift boxes, catering to the joyous occasion of baby birth announcements. These gift boxes allow you to add a heartfelt message, the baby’s name, and a touch of sweetness, making each present truly unique.

      Want Customized Chocolate box for Graduation Announcement?

      Let us know what you have in mind,
      and We’ll make your Graduation boxes gifts & hampers
      as per your custom requirement.

        Chocolate boxes or hampers for Announcing your Graduation with family and friends.

        We have 15+ years of experience creating customised chocolate boxes for your family and friends to boost your joy moments! With a variety of over 150+ chocolate boxes according to your needs and preferences in the price range starting from INR 150 – 2000. Customise your graduation gifts with our chocolate boxes. The goodness of milk, dark, crunchy, nutty, caramel, and everything in between awaits you. You can choose from 20+ flavours or customise your own. We take ONLY BULK orders for your favourite chocolates at unparalleled prices. Pre-book your chocolate for distribution of graduation and return Gifts Now. 

        Chocolate boxes customized to your specifications

        Your ideas, our creation. Customize chocolate boxes to your exact specifications with personalized designs, colors, and branding for a unique touch.

        Authentic chocolate taste 

        Handcrafted chocolates will transport your taste buds to a state of pure bliss. Each bite is a divine symphony of flavors, carefully crafted for your ultimate enjoyment.

        Hassle-free delivery 

        Get the products delivered at your doorsteps at the estimated dates. Enjoy the convenience of hassle-free delivery that is delivered right to your doorstep, allowing you to indulge without any worries.

        Luxury gifting material 

        Get the most adorable gifting boxes. Our chocolate boxes are made from premium, luxury gifting materials, exuding elegance and sophistication.

        Graduation holds significance as an educational achievement, symbolising the completion of a chapter and the attainment of academic goals. It represents hard work, dedication, and the ability to overcome challenges. Graduation is a personal milestone that celebrates success and marks the beginning of new opportunities and possibilities.

        In India, university convocations are commonly conducted during the months of April, May, and June for the spring session. These ceremonies celebrate the achievements of students who have completed their degree requirements. These ceremonies celebrate the academic achievements of students who have completed their degree requirements during the previous academic year or semester.

        Students celebrate their success

        During these celebrations, students come together to share their achievements with friends, family, and peers. They may organise parties, gatherings, or special events to commemorate their success. These celebrations serve as a reminder of the rewards that come from determination, resilience, and a commitment to personal growth.

        Embracing the joyous celebration of hard work

        Success is not achieved overnight; it is the result of relentless effort, dedication, and perseverance. When the time comes to celebrate the culmination of hard work, it becomes a joyous occasion that brings together a sense of fulfilment and pride. This celebration is a testament to the countless hours of studying, the sacrifices made, and the determination to overcome obstacles.

        Graduation Announcement Ideas

        Are you looking for creative and memorable ideas to make your graduation announcement truly special? In this introduction, we will explore a range of ideas to help you plan an unforgettable event. From unique themes and decorations to meaningful rituals and personalised touches, these ideas will add a touch of charm and significance to your graduation gifts. Whether you prefer a traditional ceremony or a modern twist, these ideas will inspire you to create a beautiful and meaningful celebration that honours your achievement and creates lasting memories for your family and guests.

        Let’s dive into the world of graduation gifts celebration ideas and make this occasion a one to cherish for a lifetime:

        Personalised Keepsakes: Consider personalised gifts that commemorate their graduation day and capture their unique personality. Customised photo frames, engraved jewellery, or monogrammed accessories such as pens or wallets make for heartfelt and cherished mementos.

        Chocolates: Experience the pure delight of chocolates for distribution, indulging in their decadent and velvety goodness. These heavenly treats tantalise your taste buds as they melt in your mouth. Enhance your chocolate experience with delectable additions. These exquisite creations feature whole almonds enveloped in silky-smooth chocolate, providing a harmonious balance of nuttiness and sweetness.

        Inspirational Books: Books have the power to inspire, motivate, and offer valuable life lessons. Choose books that align with the graduate’s interests or ones that offer guidance for their future endeavours. Whether it’s a classic novel, a self-help book, or a biography of a successful individual, a carefully selected book can be a source of inspiration for years to come.

        Adventure and Exploration: After years of studying, many graduates crave a break and an opportunity for exploration. Consider giving them an unforgettable experience, such as a weekend getaway, a hiking trip, or a ticket to a concert or sporting event they’ve always wanted to attend. These experiences provide a well-deserved chance to unwind, create memories, and embrace the excitement of new beginnings.

        Professional Accessories: As graduates venture into their professional lives, practical and stylish accessories make thoughtful gifts. Consider gifting a high-quality leather briefcase, a professional pen set, or a customised business card holder. These items not only exude professionalism but also provide the tools needed to make a strong impression in their chosen career.