Chocolates for Baby Girl, Baby Boy & Twins First Birthday Return Gifts Chocolate Boxes & Hampers

    Make your child’s first birthday return gifts special not only for you but for everyone present with our first birthday chocolate return gift boxes!

    Customizable chocolates and boxes to fit your requirements!

    With over 20 flavours, we offer customization even for the flavours! Further, if you want to add an extra element or two, we have you covered! Get hampers with chocolates, dry fruits, snacks and toys that make the first birthday return gifts more special.

    Order with us! Fully customized chocolate boxes for 1st Birthday Return Gifts, personalized by you with your baby’s name.

    Delivery – Pan India with safety! Your relatives and friends can get direct delivery at their house on your behalf so that you keep at home safe with your little one.We take ONLY BULK orders for you to receive mouthwatering chocolates at unparalleled prices.

    What we have for you


    First Birthday Hampers


    Customized Chocolate Boxes for First Birthday

    First Birthday Chocolates


    First Birthday Chocolates Bars

    Why Choose Chocovira for 1st Birthday return gifts in Bulk?

    Covid-19 Safety

    Best-in-class safety & Sanitised measures

    Signature Delicacies

     Tailor Made Variety of Signature Flavoursome Chocolates

    Fully Personalised

    Exclusive Designs & Personalised Boxes as per your requirement & budget

    Most Trusted

    Highly rated & trusted by customers

    Express Delivery

    Can be directly delivered to your guest’s house at low cost. PAN-INDIA

    Huge Bulk Discount

    Ask for Bulk discount, now!

      Our Brand Story

      Eating is a necessity. We need to fill our stomach to satiate our hunger. But cooking, cooking is an art. It is flavor, feeling, design, and love made edible. With this thought Mrs. Chetna took her first step towards a new adventure. Being bought up in a traditional family in the 60’s, cooking was never considered a passion but duty. Something every girl learnt. But even the society of that time couldn’t overshadow or ignore her talent. The meals she made had beauty in its simplicity. The aromas from her food broke the traditional boundaries and set her free. Anything that her hands made was touched by her heart. This made it more flavorful and wholesome.

      These experiences lead to the genesis of Chocovira in 2012. Mrs. Chetna started out small and now Chocovira operates from their very own professional chocolate factory unit in Mumbai having over 30 employees working with her. Earlier began with whipping up just one batch at a time, and now they have a daily production capacity of over 600 kgs per day. She began with five flavors and now has more than 30 varieties. Some of these flavors are basic, some are popular, but some of these are fresh, something you wouldn’t have come across, Ever!

      Flavors from Mrs. Chetna’s secret stash of recipes, something she forged out of desire, creativity, and sealed with sinful chocolate. Mrs. Chetna specializes in Handmade chocolates and personalized chocolate gift boxes for baby birth announcement favors wherein you can add your message, baby name & a sweet personal touch!

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      Want Customized Return Gifts For 1st Birthday Chocolate Boxes & Hampers

      Let us know what you have in mind,
      and We’ll make your Return Gift For Baby Boy’s First Birthday Party & Gift For Baby Girl’s First Birthday Party
      as per your custom requirement.

      The first of everything of your baby is special, isn’t it? Their first steps, their first words, even their first teeth! Among all a major “first big thing” is your baby’s first birthday. Everyone tries to make it as memorable as possible for him/her to cherish in the future.

      While you are trying to make it special for your little one, don’t forget the guests are the ones who are actually making it special. Their presence and blessings should be appreciated, and what says thank you better than chocolates?

      Customize first birthday return gifts your way, with flavours options over 20, you can customize your very own too! You choose the shape of the chocolate and accordingly the packaging of the return gift box. Aside from the wide array of packaging choices, we have for you the choice to decide the shape of the chocolate as well – drops of happiness in a jar, the classic square-shaped chocolates, and the very cute bars.

      Well, if you think that’s all, then keep reading! You get to choose the colour and design of your child’s first birthday return gift, inside out! You can blend the gift to the theme of your party or have it as simple as day.

      You can also have hampers made with us, choosing items other than chocolates to create the perfect gift which will be memorable not only for you but also for everyone present on the happiest day of your life.

      Why so much customization for first birthday return gifts?

      We at Chocovira believe that customization calls for a personal touch. This makes any present even more special. Rather than being a formality, the Return Gift For Baby Boy’s First Birthday Party will be a genuine gesture of gratitude. It will not only be loved by everyone but also appreciated.

      Over and above, it’s your baby’s first birthday and you got to have everything perfect. Why stick to few options when you can customize and stay within the budget? Call us today and order fully customisable Return Gift For Baby Girl’s First Birthday Party with Chocovira.

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