Diwali Chocolates Boxes & Hampers for Employees & Clients

With 12+ Years of experience in corporate gifting, Chocovira Chocolates has got for you precisely what corporate gifts you are looking for to express gratitude during Diwali towards your clients, employees, stakeholders, and dealers by gifting them Customized Chocolates boxes as Diwali Gifts.

We have curated more than 23,65,895+ corporate chocolate gift boxes as per our customer’s needs & preferences having a product in every price range starting from INR 245 to INR 2450.

Delivery – Pan India with safety. Your Employees & Client gets a direct delivery* of Diwali Gifts For Corporates, Employees at their respective houses on your behalf.

Order with us! Fully customized Chocolate Diwali Gifts personalized by you with your company logo.

High-quality goodness, milk, dark, crunchy, nutty, caramel, and everything in between and beyond. Choose from the 20+ flavors or customize your very own box having Florentines, English Brittles, Almond rocks, Dragees & more.

Delivery – Worldwide. Your clients, employees, and stakeholders get direct delivery at their offices on your behalf, Directly!

We take ONLY BULK orders (MOQ 100QTY) for you to receive mouthwatering chocolates at unparalleled prices.

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    Trusted Reviews from Google

    Aliza Dhanani
    Aliza Dhanani
    6 June 2024
    I really appreciate the quality of Boxes and Chocalates. Staffs are professional and very nice.
    Preeti T
    Preeti T
    5 June 2024
    Chocovira did an amazing job with the custom chocolate boxes for my daughter's naming ceremony. The customization was beautiful, and the chocolates themselves were delicious. Their attention to detail and quality made the event even more special. I highly recommend Chocovira for any special occasion – their chocolates are both delightful and beautifully presented.
    Tenneti Preeti
    Tenneti Preeti
    5 June 2024
    Chocovira did an amazing job for my daughter's naming ceremony. Their customized chocolate boxes were beautifully designed and added a special touch to the event. Not only did they look great, but the chocolates were also delicious. I highly recommend Chocovira for their excellent customization and tasty chocolates.
    Komala Reddy
    Komala Reddy
    1 June 2024
    Thank you so much for such a premium boxes and also been i part my son's birthday
    Reshma Nair
    Reshma Nair
    31 May 2024
    We had a very pleasant experience with Chocovira. They are superlative at the service. The attention to details for customization and presentation was outstanding. This was a very unique way to thank our guests. Thank you for making our special moment even more special with those delicious chocolates!
    Awantika Singh
    Awantika Singh
    16 May 2024
    It was the great experience.. i really loved the quality and the customised gift way .. I'm really grateful to them for serving in the amazing way .. By good team and management they have
    mj patel
    mj patel
    9 May 2024
    I take some order from there they guve us very excellent services
    Shivani Padwani
    Shivani Padwani
    8 May 2024
    The choclate box was awesome. Delicious chocolates. The print on the boxes looked brilliant. Good coordination and the quality is amazing.Overall superbbbb..

    How does It work?

    Curate your own Customized

    Corporate Diwali Chocolate Gift Boxes

    for your clients!

    Looking for diwali gifts to thank your employees, or want to express gratitude towards your clients and stakeholders Chocovira has perfect products for every purpose you are looking for from a diwali gift for an employee to a diwali gift hampers.

    You can choose the design you like for your box and personalize it with your Brand name and Logo.


    1. Customize Chocolates for Diwali Gifting

    You get to choose from more than 30 premium chocolate flavors and personalize them with your company logo wrapped on them.


    2. Add your Personalized Message inside the box

    Leave a long-lasting impression on your clients, employees, stakeholders, and dealers with a personalized message like an event invitation card or a thank you note.


    3. Personalized Chocolate box for Diwali Gifting

    You choose your design and personalize your gift box with your design and logo or you choose from our pre-designed collection and personalize it with your company logo.


    Our chocolate specialists are standing by to help you create a custom Diwali chocolate gift for any occasion at any budget!

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      Why Choose Chocovira Chocolates for Corporate Diwali Gifting?

      Direct Delivery

      Diwali Gifts can be directly delivered to your Employee’s house. PAN-INDIA*

      Signature Delicacies

       Tailor Made Variety of Signature Flavoursome Chocolates

      Fully Personalised

      Exclusive Designs & Personalised Boxes as per your requirement & budget

      Most Trusted

      Highly rated & trusted by customers

      Our Brand Story

      Eating is a necessity. We need to fill our stomach to satiate our hunger. But cooking, cooking is an art. It is flavor, feeling, design, and love made edible. With this thought Mrs. Chetna took her first step towards a new adventure. Being bought up in a traditional family in the 60’s, cooking was never considered a passion but duty. Something every girl learnt. But even the society of that time couldn’t overshadow or ignore her talent. The meals she made had beauty in its simplicity. The aromas from her food broke the traditional boundaries and set her free. Anything that her hands made was touched by her heart. This made it more flavorful and wholesome.

      These experiences lead to the genesis of Chocovira in 2012. Mrs. Chetna started out small and now Chocovira operates from their very own professional chocolate factory unit in Mumbai having over 30 employees working with her. Earlier began with whipping up just one batch at a time, and now they have a daily production capacity of over 600 kgs per day. She began with five flavors and now has more than 30 varieties. Some of these flavors are basic, some are popular, but some of these are fresh, something you wouldn’t have come across, Ever!

      Flavors from Mrs. Chetna’s secret stash of recipes, something she forged out of desire, creativity, and sealed with sinful chocolate. Mrs. Chetna specializes in Handmade chocolates and personalized chocolate gift boxes for Diwali & corporates wherein you can add your logo, and add a message for a personal touch to your Diwali gift!

      Diwali Chocolate Gift Boxes for Employees

      Want to create something you don’t see here? Call our Chocolate Specialist to discuss fully custom options for Diwali Chocolate Gift Hampers. Let us know what you have in mind,
      by simply sharing a concept image and We’ll make your Diwali Chocolate Gift boxes as per your custom requirement.


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        One of the most auspicious festivals in India is, you guessed it right, it’s Diwali! Celebrated across the country with equal enthusiasm, this festival is incomplete without good food, firecrackers, and obviously, sweets!

        Although people having different and a high chance of shops running out of them very much in the first half of the day it becomes very difficult to select one. On the other hand, if you purchase a lot, you might find quite a good amount of it left in your fridge.

        Hence, a kind of sweet that is loved by everyone across all age groups, can be personalized and can be used as a gifting item for both family members and corporate Diwali gifting. Also, there can be different types of chocolate gifting for different groups – Diwali Chocolate boxes for employees, and Diwali chocolate gift boxes & hampers for Distributors, Clients, Customers, Doctors, stakeholders and close relatives.

        Why Chocovira Chocolates for Diwali gifting solution?

        • Longer shelf life (although, not so much because it’s chocolates!)

        As mentioned, Diwali means sweets, and we Indians exchange a lot of them! So, the question is not how much can you eat in a short period, but how much you should as their items perish fast.

        Chocovira chocolates have a long shelf life, so without being worried about it going bad, you can easily gift these to anyone you like!

        • One gift for all

        It can be quite a task to find gifts for both your work family and family gifts. While for family members it has to be personal, for corporate gifting, it has to be professional. Chocolates are the perfect neutral gift!

        • Personalized with love

        At Chocovira you can personalize your chocolate Diwali gifts in various ways and with numerable options. The corporate Diwali gifts can have your company’s logo on the packaging or a message or both! The same can be done for gifts for family members and friends.

        • Familiar flavors, customizable flavors, new flavors! Just let us know

        Yes, you read it correctly! We have some classic flavors like Rich Dark Chocolate, Butterscotch Bliss; we also have some that you would love to try like Coffee Truffle, White Unicorn, and the like! With over 20+ choices we also have the option of customizing the flavors!

        That’s not all! We make sure that you never run out of new things to try, so we introduced some new flavors – English brittles, Chocolate Florentine by Chocovira, Dragees, bon-bon, and pralines!

        • Door to Door delivery

        No matter where your employees are during Diwali, we make sure they get your diwali chocolates and best wishes! With our PAN India delivery option, you just have to let us know your budget, flavor, and box choice!

        • Healthy snacking

        Well, after so much sweet goodness, everyone needs some savory snack, don’t they? Add some Masala Makhana, cashews and chocolate coated dry fruits (yes a little more sweetness!) to balance out your hamper, and make it versatile in terms of flavors.

        What are you waiting for?

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        +91 9696 156 156

        Diwali is the festival of lights. It signifies the victory of good over evil and is celebrated with a lot of gusto in India and by Indians residing all over the world. It marks the beginning of the auspicious New Year. This is the time to meet and greet our loved ones and spend some quality time with them. A great many varieties of food and delicacies are prepared and gifts are exchanged.

        Handmade Chocolates for Diwali are a great way to add a personal touch. A lot of people avoid sweets, to watch their weight or due to their health. The younger generation too loves a piece of delectable chocolate rather than the traditional sweets. Another thing that works in your favor is that you can select your own flavors, something according to the preference of the person they are meant for. Say that your grandma loves chocolate but is diabetic, you can gift her some sugar-free handmade dark chocolate. A sugar-free delicacy guaranteed to sweeten her mood. It is good for her heart too.

        In India, Celebrating milestones of the company and that of individual employees have multi-fold advantages. They are:

        1. A part of the team: Workers feel like they belong at the place they are working. They truly feel like a part of a family. 
        2. Employees feel appreciated: Spending 8-9 hours a day at a place working and giving it all. Employees are literally the backbone of a firm! A small token of appreciation for their hard work goes a long way! You can gift for their 1 year at the company, an employee of the month award or something as simple as – the most helpful person at the office. 
        3. Team building opportunities: Gifting calls for some occasions, like the ones mentioned above. These events no matter how small, lead to conversations and delegation among the participants. These lead to further culture building of the company.

        We are a one stop shop for all Diwali gifting requirements, be it for employee appreciation, office festival or achieving a milestone!

        We understand that individually distinctive gifts are difficult to sort and get right. Everyone has their preference, which can be starkly different in price. Therefore, it is easier to find a common ground and select a universally loved item – Chocolates!

        Loved by almost everyone, we can help you customize these sweet treats in various ways to fit the liking of the receiver and your budget:

        1. A number of flavours: We have over a dozen flavours so that no one is left out! We have dry fruit-free chocolates for people with allergies related to them.
        2. Make your flavour: Apart from our shelf’s collection, you can customize your very own flavour! It’s always fun to work out new tastes and create something like never before.
        3. Pretty packaging: The first impression always matters. The same is true for gifts. Keeping this in mind, we have a range of boxes! Size, style and message every element of the box can be customized! You can write a message and imprint logos or images to add that touch of care & thought.
        4. Pan-India delivery: Do you have to travel miles to get the best of anything you desire? No! Chocovira delivers your orders safe at your doorstep! So if you have a customer, employee or any stakeholder based in a city different from your office operation, we send it directly to them. 
        5. Affordable prices: As a company ourselves, we understand that a good deal with bulk gifts always helps! It is not easy to stay on budget with gifting, but not at Chocovira! We have chocolates that range from double digits to four digits to fit your requirements!

        Looking for chocolate gift boxes for your upcoming corporate diwali gifting? 

        Reach us at +91 9696 156156 or sales@chocovira.in