Unique corporate chocolate gifts for different events!

Are you looking for unique corporate gifts for different occasions like – Diwali, your company’s early anniversary, or simple appreciation gifts for your most hardworking employees on the annual meeting day? Unique gifts are the most sought after nowadays than ever, along with this, it has to be useable. We at Chocovira compile all your corporate gifting requirements into corporate chocolate gifts.

Chocolates are preferred and liked by most because of its longer shelf life, various flavours and uncountable customizable options.

Keeping this in mind, we offer over 20 tasty flavours and, you can add your own too! Each corporation is different and, so can be its requirements.

With the packaging of different sizes and styles, we make sure that everything falls within your budget.

In addition to the chocolate flavours, the box itself is customizable. Logos, pictures, messages and, any other sort of print can be added inside or outside the packaging. The wrapping of an individual piece can also be customized and made to look the way you want. A perfect set-up for official meetings and festivals like Diwali! Isn’t it?

Talking about Diwali, only chocolates might seem “not enough”, right? The festival of lights should be grand for everyone. Especially for those with whom you spend most of your hours. Along with chocolate Diwali gifts, we offer a wide range of snacks including, Masala Makhanas and Masala and chocolate coated dry fruits (we can never have enough chocolates). These snacks will not only add variety to your corporate Diwali gift hampers but will also be a memorable experience for all your employees and stakeholders! These Diwali chocolate hampers too can be personalized for individual employees.

Now, it is not necessary that for each event ALL your employees gather at one place. Some might have planned a vacation or have emergencies to attend. So, will they not be a part of the special day? We strongly disagree! Employees work hard and should be included in every and any celebration. Don’t worry, we will take care of this too! Get your order placed with us, and we will get it delivered to the doorstep of the respective receivers.

All you have to do is head to chocovira.in and download the catalogue for your reference or call us at +91 9696 156 156 for your next bulk order!

Oh! We almost forgot about the price range. We start at double digits! (wink).