Innovative Invitation Ideas by Chocovira

What is an invitation? It is a string of words that requests an individual to be part of an event.  It is an appeal to be involved in a person’s life, for at least for a small amount of time. By attending these events you get to be part of a memory in a person’s life, which they will cherish forever.

Invitations have been around for ages. They are usually written for large scale events like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, etc.  During the Medieval period, wealthier families would employ monks for their calligraphy skills and make them write invitations.

During the sixteen hundred, Invitations would be engraved on metal plates. The necessary text would be engraved and using that metal plate invitations would be printed in bulk. As time went by, invitations would have a piece of tissue in between the pages to prevent ink from smudging. It has been a tradition ever since.

In olden days, it is said that people make use of a pigeon to deliver a letter, now it is done in a click of a button. The process of sending letters has evolved from the olden days to now. whether we deliver invitations through the means of a pigeon or through a click of a button, the subject remains the same. We are requesting certain people to be part of our celebration, we want their presence and want them to share the joy among us.

What are the Innovative ways in which you can make your invitation stand out?

Invitations are vital for any major event, an invitation varies from something as small as a heartfelt phone call to a grand gift box. Here are some innovative ways you can invite your guests for that special day.

1. The classic invitation card.

Nothing is simpler and classier than the good old invitation card. This is a more compact way of delivering a message as your invitation is enclosed between two sheets of paper. The font and style of writing has evolved through decades but the classic invitation has never gone out of style.

2. Chocolate Invitation box

One of the fancier options is sending a chocolate box along with a simple placard with the necessary information. The scrumptious chocolate is placed in a box (which you can design based on your interest). You can choose the flavour and fillings based on your interest. This chocolate studded invitation is sure to be a success as your guests would be delightfully surprised.

3. Flowers & Chocolates

If you are willing to go big and fancy we suggest the classic flowers and chocolate route. You can send your guests a medley of flowers and some delightful chocolates along with an invitation.

4. Gift Boxes

Dazzle your guests with a shiny gift box, this box can include some fun goodies, like a personalized key chain, notebooks, pens, mugs, etc. Goodies can be customized based on your likes, preferences, and theme. This invite can stir up excitement for your guest as the event approaches.

5. Electronic Invite

This one of the cheapest yet effective way of inviting guests. You could invite your guests with the click of a button. This doesn’t have to be a boring email, an electronic invite has a great deal of potential.  you could send a colorful animation, A deep felt, personalized video with background music and special effects. The video can be made based on the theme of the event. Or you could even make a short film, the possibilities are endless.

Different Types of events & invitations

1. Wedding Invitation

A Wedding is one of the most auspicious and memorable day, in a person’s life. It is a celebration of love not only between two people but also within two families. It is a beautiful union between two families. When you send a wedding invitation to a person, you are requesting that person to be part of a memorable, life-changing event in your life.

Wedding invitations are crucial when it comes to planning a wedding. Wedding invites are so diverse, some are classic and elegant with thin silver borders, delicate print, and simplistic design while some are extravagant with bright bold colors and exorbitant design. In the Hindu, culture invitations are lively with glitter and bold fonts, this card symbolizes the lively matrimonial celebration. These cards are adorned with symbols of God to seek blessings on this auspicious day. 

There are many innovative ways in which you can send a wedding invitation. it could be a personalized invite or a delicious box of chocolates. To know more read <>

2. Baby Shower Invitation

A baby shower symbolizes the celebration of bringing life into this world. This celebration is filled with joy as the parents and well-wishers eagerly wait for the bundle of joy to arrive. Baby showers also symbolize the transformation of a woman to a mother. When you invite a person to a baby shower you invite them to take part in one of your life’s most rewarding moments: motherhood and the formation of a family. Baby shower invitations can be fun and joyous like a pop-up invitation, or a fun email with music and animation.

3. Birthday Invitation

A birthday marks a milestone in a person’s life. It is a day of celebration and joy. This day symbolises the celebration of life. Birthdays are filled with cake, balloons, and happiness. To make a birthday fun and eventful, the invitations play a crucial role. Birthday invites can be based on the theme of the party. They can be in the form of a card, a goodie basket, or a delicious box of chocolates. Either way, an invitation is a glimpse of how the birthday party will turn out. So, to make the birthday boy or birthday girl feel extra special don’t hold back on the invitations

4. Anniversary Invitation

Anniversaries are essential in every relationship. It could be a one-month anniversary or an anniversary that marks several years, either way, it is an opportunity to celebrate the love and togetherness present in the relationship. Anniversary parties are a beautiful way to celebrate a relationship with friends, family members, and well-wishers. Anniversary invitations can be made fun and exciting, some of the options to jazz up an invitation could be by sending a box of chocolates to your guests or a personalized invitation with the couple’s picture engraved.

Invitations are a crucial step in organising a fun-filled event. Taking the extra step to make an invitation fun and exciting really goes a long way as it sparks interest and excitement about your event. specializes in chocolate boxes for wedding invitations. The box can be customized based on your likes and preferences. Apart from the detailed decorations of the box, you can customize the flavors of the chocolate from a wide range of choices.