Homemade Chocolates for Baby Girl Announcements Favours & Gifts

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Baby Girl Announcement Chocolate Boxes

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Homemade Chocolates for Baby Girl Announcements

Your family, friends and closed ones are excited as much as you to meet your new born baby after waiting for nine months and have been eagerly waiting just like you. Baby birth announcements inform them that your little one is here at last! All of them are anxious to see how your baby girl looks like and all these questions will be answered at your baby girl birth announcement. This a very beautiful event in your life, giving you joy and happiness as your girl child is a blessing to your family.

If you are wondering what to give your guests how to make this occasion complete and as special as possible, we have an answer for you, CHOCOLATES!! Sharing the news of the latest addition to your family couldn’t be easier. Chocolate is everybody’s favourite thing to have at such occasions. Even the oldies present wouldn’t mind having one or two.

Factory made chocolates can be expensive and it may not be liked by all as it may contain additional sugars and artificial flavours. Well, that’s not the case with Chocovira’s homemade chocolates. Made out of the best quality products, these chocolates are also 100% veg. We also make sugar-free chocolates so that even the person who has diabetes can have these chocolates and won’t feel left out at your event.

Chocovira is the best homemade chocolates in Mumbai because of its richness in quality, amazing packages and low-cost. Now you can have even more delicious chocolates than any other regular ones without hurting your pockets. Save that money to buy cute little dresses and tiny toys!

We pack the chocolate boxes according to purpose such as Baby boy Announcements, Wedding invitation gifts, Diwali gifts, birthday gifts, etc. You can choose from a wide range of colours for you baby girl birth announcements such as pink with cute designs according to your liking.

We understand your joy and how much your baby means to you and our chocolates are made with the same love and perfection to make your baby announcement as special as your baby.

Save your money for cute little outfits and tiny toys! .