How To Celebrate Your Baby’s First Birthday

“Even though babies won’t remember their FIRST BIRTHDAY, You will. So, at this age it’s still nice to do something special. You’ll be creating memories for yourself and you can also capture the moments that you and your child can look back on.”

Here are some Tips To Keep In Mind When Planning Your Baby’s First Birthday

 Ideas for celebrating first birthday…

  • Making memories

Make some beautiful memories on your baby’s FIRST BIRTHDAY to give yourself an happy moments to look back on. For example you could plant a tree. By doing so you will be able to see it growing with your child. You can mark the occasion by making a collage with baby pictures from the day he/she is born.

Throw a big party for your baby’s FIRST BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION, go for a theme-based birthday party and You can make some unique DIY birthday invitation cards to invite your guest. You can go through our article or you can get inspired by the examples mentioned below…

First Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Boys 

First Birthday Party Theme Ideas for Girls

You can go for an airplane theme. After seeing the airplanes flying in the sky babies would also want to soar like a bird.

  • Venue For First Birthday Party

Decorate the venue as per your theme. Use your own creative ideas to make the venue look amazing, for example bring some thermocol and some white and blue poster color paint from the market. Then cut the thermocol into the shape of air planes and clouds, also use some cotton over the thermocol so that it can look like real clouds, and then paint it. You can make some smiling emojis on it, hang it with threads to the ceiling of venue. So that everyone can admire your decoration.

  • Invitation To Guests

Design your invitation card with creative ideas by using some quotes. You can use different crafting work with different papers like crushed paper, and some birthday ribbons. You can also make your invites classier and simpler by using some DIY BIRTHDAY IDEAS like with balloons, embossed water color paper etc.

  • Game

According to the theme you can have some very simple games to make the birthday party interesting. As the baby is around one year old so the games should be as per there age. Like, if you are organizing a theme-based party then have some games according to the theme; involve those games through which baby and grownups both can have fun.

  • Photography

Assign a person for photography in the party to capture all sweet and loving memories.

  • Cakes and Snacks

Without cakes, and chocolates the party is incomplete. So, order a fondant, ruffle, Oreo or whichever flavor cake you want as per your theme. You can also have some different flavored cupcakes with a design according to theme. Also have some pizza or the food which your baby prefers. You can also have some healthy soft drinks and milkshakes for the kids in the party.

  • Dress

Dress your baby according to the theme. Make your baby costume stylish so that he/she can look unique and beautiful. Ask your guest to dress themselves and their little ones according to the theme. Check this out for some really cool outfit ideas- First Birthday Outfits for Boys First Birthday Outfits for Girls

  • Return Gifts

And at the end of the party give some return gifts to the little ones as token of love from your side. Return gift can be anything based on your theme like plastic toys, soft teddies, chocolate boxes or some hand made gifts; whatever according to your wish. Check out our Blog Baby Shower Return Gifts for some inspiration.