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Enhance Our Decadent chocolate packed in shimmering metallic with your Logo wrapped on it. More than 30 premium flavors options to choose from

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Wow your recipient by Leaving a Long lasting impression by adding your message. Our decadent chocolate goes an extra miles beyond a standard thank you note.

3. Design Your Chocolates Box

Add your Logo or Design or select from our extensive pre-designed collection of unique products and flavors to create a truly thoughtful gift.

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Our chocolate specialists are standing by to help you create a custom chocolate gift for any occasion at any budget!

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About Chocovira

Eating is a necessity. We need to fill our stomach to satiate our hunger. But cooking, cooking is an art. It is flavor, feeling, design, and love made edible. With this thought Mrs. Chetna took her first step towards a new adventure. Being bought up in a traditional family in the 60’s, cooking was never considered a passion but duty. Something every girl learnt. But even the society of that time couldn’t overshadow or ignore her talent. The meals she made had beauty in its simplicity. The aromas from her food broke the traditional boundaries and set her free. Anything that her hands made was touched by her heart. This made it more flavorful and wholesome.

Her life took a turn when she found her partner and biggest fan, Mr. Tushar & Viveq. Together they set out on a new adventure. During this period with encouragement from her husband, Kids and in laws, Mrs Chetna started her formal training for making handmade artisan chocolates in Mumbai. The aim was to explore new avenues, learn new skills and strengthen her foundation. Through this she discovered her passion for making chocolates.

She received a basic training in making homemade chocolates. With encouragement from her children, Mrs. Chetna won many culinary and chocolate making competitions. She also worked as a tester for several food and beverage companies the likes of Nestle India and several others.

These experiences lead to the genesis of Chocovira in 2012. Mrs. Chetna started out small. She began with whipping up just one batch at a time. She began with five flavors and now has more than 30 flavors. Some of these flavors are basic, some are popular, but some of these are fresh, something you wouldn’t have come across, Ever! Flavors from Mrs. Chetna’s secret stash of recipes, something she forged out of desire, creativity and sealed with sinful chocolate.

Mrs. Chetna specializes in Handmade chocolates and chocolate gift boxes for diwali gifting and baby birth announcement favours. Operating from her small professional unit in Mumbai, she supplies her homemade chocolates to stores, confectioneries, corporates, and clients all over India.

Never thought that a random google search for gifting chocolates to friends / relatives on the occasion of my baby girl's birth would guide me to not only one of the best chocolatier in town but also an extremely meticulous, earnest, thoughtful, amazing planner and hard working professional Viveq !! Apart from providing some amazing & differently flavoured chocolates (try the paan, hazelnut delight, almond rocks and white unicorn), he helped me in planning, designing as well as sourcing some eco friendly initiatives (ie plantcils) which I wanted to include in the chocolate box. The end product (as I call it - a sweet + nature box) was super appreciated by each and every one. Great going Chocovira .. keep up the good work Viveq !
Wish you add a lot more ideas going forward as well .. keep innovating !
- Mr. Maulik Shah (Edelweiss Financial Services)

One of the most delicious homemade chocolates I've ever had. Value for money, best quality and perfect taste is how I will describe her chocolates.
- Radhika Asher (Social Media Manager)

Chocolates are awesomee and the main advantage is they provide customized packages.

The best homemade chocolate ever had. Try their Butterscotch Chocolate, no one can beat that. Guaranteed!
- Pratik Poddar (Research Analyst)

I wanted to gift chocolates to my guests for my baby boy’s birth announcement and I thought that homemade chocolates were the best option. My friend suggested Chocovira chocolates to me. I was sceptical about it but I was really satisfied with the taste and the beautiful packaging. These chocolates were highly appreciated by the guests. Thank you team Chocovira for making this day special.
- Mrs. Stuti Lokhande

The one catch in home made chocolates is that very often it doesn't taste as good. However these chocolates are creamy, perfectly balanced goodness. Along with the personal touch that homemade chocolates have, these chocolates are perfectly wrapped elegant bits of joy in every flavor! My personal favorite was chocolate mint and milk chocolate.
- Nupur Shah (Lawyer)

Precisely handcrafted chocolates.. A perfect blend of chocolate and milk that cheer up the festivals.. A completely new way to surprise loved ones..
- Harsh Parekh (Chartered Accountant)

Brownies and chocolates galore ! Customised with fancy packaging to suit your budget .Vivek ,the proprietor is very cordial and provides innovative ways for corporate gifting and baby announcements
- Mrs. Jyoti Aryan (HBO)

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