Unique Diwali Gifting Ideas And Chocolates With Individual Home Deliveries!

The celebration of lights bring hope, love, togetherness and prosperity to everyone’s life. This festival of Diwali is celebrated all over India with excitement, extend family at the office and friends. Just before Diwali we have the festival of Dhanteras. Dhan means money, so it’s literally the festival of prosperity, hence going empty handed to anyone’s house during this celebration period is not a good gesture.

Well, visiting people or celebrating at the office is hardly an option this year. Which leaves you with online shopping option. So, what exactly can you get that will be useful and within your budget, keeping in mind that you have to consider the difference in age group of the household you will be sending the gift?

Also how can you get the gifts delivered to each individual person on your behalf during this pandemic? We are here to cover all these questions for you. 

Diwali Gifting For Everyone 

Chocolates for such occasions have gained a lot of popularity. Different kinds in terms of shape, color, texture, flavor and packaging is present in the market. Chocolate has slowly taken over the market of Indian sweets mainly, and a major reason behind that is the higher shelf-life of chocolates.

While you can store chocolates for months, you have to be done with sweets within a week or so. And everyone receives tons of these during this period which they can neither finish not gift it to someone else.

Chocolates on the other hand can be easily gifted, individually or with other items. Pricing is another aspect that has put chocolate gifts in the forefront against Indian sweets. Here we are counting not only the basic price of the product but also its packaging, that is, the entire gift. Talking about the packaging, it can be easily personalized and in many ways – With logo, a wish, and a colorful background. Last but not the least, it pleases all age groups.

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Diwali Gift for Employees
Employee Diwali Gifts

Second option that you can go for are dry fruits. Being healthy, they carry a symbol of care and love. With dry fruits you can also give chocolates or sweets as a hamper. Again being too flexible and versatile, taste wise it is highly preferred. You can have masala nuts or chocolate coated ones.

Dry Fruit Box for Employees
Peri Peri Cashews

Next, tea leaves and coffee beans have also grown in favor as gifts. One of the most sophisticated gifts, they too are versatile in flavor and type. Flavor like lavender and types like green tea and black tea has boasted this market. Having a very long shelf life and the fact that it is consumed almost every day, these gifts are quite common yet preferred. Tea sets, as in cups are also a great choice of gift.

Hampers are great if you want to gift something special to each individual person, or there are more than 2 items. Hampers are decorated beautifully and are visually ascetic.

Coffee for Corporate Gift Hampers

The Don’ts To Keep In Mind While Choosing a Diwali Gift

Don’t give house decoration items – Showpieces are a great gift but everyone has what they like at their home. If you are going for something related to home décor you really should know the recipient’s taste or be really out of the box, and this is not possible when you are selecting items for employees and colleagues. 

Give useful items – The above mentioned items are universal and can be used by everyone. A simple fruit basket with some chocolates are also a great idea. So, refrain from giving personal items like bag or a shirt as they might not like it.

Individual Home Delivery         

Sending and receiving anything during this period of pandemic and a series of lockdowns has been a whole other ball game. But with challenging times like these where no one is leaving home, what exactly can be done? Well, happiness and celebration doesn’t stop and the same goes here. We at Chocovira not only have 20+ flavors to that can be customized as per your requirement but also have the option to deliver your festival greetings to individual receivers on your behalf.

So, no matter from where your employees are working, they will receive their festive happiness at their doorstep and will be able to share it with everyone around them. 

With customized chocolates we also have customized packaging and numerous designs to choose from. And if you are not sure about the type you want for Diwali ask for our catalog here – https://www.chocovira.in/diwali-gifting-copy/

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