Diwali Gifting- Best Corporate Chocolates For Diwali

In India, festivals are celebrated with the inclusion of some kind of gifting. Diwali being one of them is also marked as the welcome of goddess Lakshmi (goddess of wealth) with the welcome of Lord Ram, his wife Sita and his brother Lord Lakshman. Exchanging gifts during this festival is a mark of welcome and joy.

Corporate gifts are a huge part of festivals as people work half of their day in offices and need to be felt at home. Being an important part of festivals, such gifts require to be gifted to everyone and budget becomes a major concern. Further, to gift something that pleases all is a headache. Especially during this hour of pandemic it might be really difficult for small businesses to spend a lot on gifts. Moreover, many employees of many companies are working from home and delivering heavy and expensive corporate gifts is not feasible.

We at Chocovira have all your concerns checked and requirements covered. We provide high quality chocolate hampers and boxes customized according to your gifting needs. It is not only the packing that is customized but also the size and shape of the boxes and hampers. Moreover we deliver all over India at prices that fit your budget.

Corporate Diwali chocolate gifts can be divided into two broad categories –

The first can be for the most important section of the company, that is, the board members and the stockholders. It is important that the gifts are presentable, sophisticated and not over the top.

Second set of people that require to be acknowledged while gifting are the employees and other staff members of the office. Here too distinction is required as someone working at a senior position will hold more value than a fresher as they are more of an asset to your company. Other staff members include the security guard, the cleaning person and the like.

For such Diwali corporate gifting requirements, you can opt for any of the below mentioned types –

  • Corporate chocolates gift boxes – These can be customized according to your gifting needs covering the issue of pricing as well. If you have a low budget go for a 12 piece box, accordingly you can increase the number of prices and the size of the box if you have a higher budget, or want to gift it to someone important in your company. It is perfect for a low budget, medium budget or a high budget corporate gift. Boxes can be personalized, inside and outside with your company’s logo and/or with a sweet Diwali wish. Also the wrappers of each piece can hold the logo of your company.
Chocolate Gift Boxes for Diwali
Corporate Diwali Gifts with company Branding
  • Corporate chocolate jars are not only elegant but also tempting to look at as they are usually transparent, if not covered with a wrapping with your company’s logo.
Corporate Diwali Gifts with company name and logo
  • If you are a just a start- up or just a small company, having a lower budget with gifting you can opt for individual chocolate pieces or bars. The pricing of the box, jar or other decoration will be saved and you will still have logo of your company on each piece.


  • Diwali Chocolate gift hampers for corporate gifting is a style gaining more and more preference. They are not only extravagant but can include all of the above types of corporate chocolate gifting styles.
Corporate Exhibition Chocolates
Dry Fruit Box for Employees

Why us?

We have already mentioned above some of the few perks that we have in store for you. There are more – in addition to affordable pricing that range from 2 digit number to 4 digit number, and personalized packaging, we offer personalized chocolate flavours. Yes! You heard it right. Over and above the 20+ chocolate flavours you can customize your one chocolate flavours. Moreover you can put together different flavours of chocolates together for a versatile corporate chocolate gift set.

Now you might be wondering about the quality as the pricing vary so much and is so low. Don’t worry, we take bulk orders which aids in low pricing for our customers without decreasing the quality of the chocolates.

Corporate gifts are not only gifts but a gesture and a sign of gratitude. People feel welcomed as a family and not as work colleagues. Celebrating major and small occasions and festivals makes the office feel like home. Celebrating different festivals like New Year, Christmas, Holi, etc. makes the workplace more inclusive and a work friendly place.