Mall Events And Prizes For Business Growth

Apart from the ads that you see on TV, newspapers and social media, what else a company does to interact with its target audience and existing customers? They get involved in physical activities of various types be it competitive or otherwise.

You might have come across such activities by various brands during festivals, launch of a new product, service or brand, or randomly. Ever wondered why they do so when social media marketing is the new trend and more and more people are using the net. The answer is for PR purpose.

Ads on different social media platforms are not immediate and personal. Yes they do aim at a specific target audience but at the end of the day it’s an ad. It is very important to reach out to the audience to show what the unique selling points of your products are. Over and above these events increase brand recall. The fun activities and the prizes are memorable and maybe the next time you think of an item that particular brand sells, you might recall the event.

Why go for mall events?

Such kinds of events are very common in malls. This way brands target quite a large yet specific audience. Giving a huge window to attract people from different walks of life. Also, these events in malls not only help in improving the communication between the consumer and the company, but also attracts new and potential buyers. Thus increasing the visibility of your company and aiding business growth. Plus through these events you get information about the participants. You might get their numbers and mail IDs which you can use as a tool for targeted marketing through SMS and e-mails. This gives you a win-win situation.

Now that you know the reasons behind mall events let’s find out which ones are used today to get more people view your business.

  • A sing off

It can be an individual competition where the participant has to identify a song just by hearing the tune. Or it can be a sing off between 2 people. Yes people might feel awkward a little but when they see others earning gifts and enjoying they will willingly participate.

  • Dance offs

It is a perfect idea for a fitness app or brand trying to sell a fitness product. It is the best way to show how staying fit can be fun and non-stressful. You can have arrangements to track their calories for a song. And show on an average how much calories they will burn if they exercise and dance for just 5 days a week.
It is also perfect for a new shoe company to give people an experience of the comfort of their newly launching product.
That’s not it, an active wear company can also use this tactic to show how comfortable and effective their product is in absorbing sweat and body odour.

  • Sport activities

Yes you cannot have a marathon inside the mall, but there can be on spot jogging competition and the decision can be made on how much calories people have burnt. Other activities can include tug of war or skipping. Gifts can be anything related to sports or otherwise. It depends on who you present the activities.

  • Runway

Till now we have looked into the activities where people participate. Surely there can be situations where you want to just showcase your item to the world. Like for a clothing item, new shoes, in short anything wearable. Yes you are right a fashion runway! It’s not every day that people go for fashion shows and this will be a new experience for them.

Plus it is very difficult for some to mix and match different types of clothing, not knowing what looks good with which item. With the help of fashion show they can know the trends and shop them immediately as they are already in the mall.

Here do not only have female models but also males and LGBTQ models. Because fashion should be all inclusive. Same goes for body type and skin colour.

  • Flash mob

Well this might sound similar to dance off but here the public won’t be participating. There won’t be any competition, instead a group of people who have practiced will be the ones performing. This is perfect for attracting a lot of eyes.

You can find many other ways for a mall events. The above are just a few ways. Now that you know what events you can hold according to your product. Now you might be thinking about what to give to the winners.

So, the winners can get a huge gifts, like TV, phones, headphones, a huge discount on a few products your shop sells. You can even have 2 runner up gifts. But what about the others? After all this is an attempt to increase public interaction and relation with the company.

To make it memorable for everyone even the people who do not win can get something like a towel set, or salt and pepper shakers or a coupon card of your or your partner business with some amount off on it which they can redeem on their purchase or chocolates.

Yes, chocolates. They are liked by everyone and are a safe bet. Also chocolates won’t burn a big hole in the company’s pocket. With us at Chocovira, it is a safer bet because we prepare the chocolates with all the safety requirements in place. With over a dozen flavours to choose from, you can give a box of 4 chocolates each to all the participants, or a jar of chocolaty goodness. With us you can customize not only the type of packaging but also the way it looks.

We haven’t even told you the best thing. We customize the flavours as well! If you have something specific in mind we will make it for you. So what are you waiting for? Place your order with us and get those events started.