Wedding Favours- That Will Be The Talk Of The Town

Indian Weddings and Wedding Favours

Indian weddings are incomplete without relatives, close and far. It’s well said that a wedding is not the meeting of two souls but two families. In Indian context it is family, family of family and further. The celebration is huge and everyone wants to feel a part of it.

While it can be difficult to plan a wedding an overwhelming part of it making everyone feel a part of your special day. Now you must be wondering why make others feel special when it’s your day? As mentioned above it’s ‘your’ day because of them. Guests take out hours or even days from their busy schedule to attend your special day. The travel hours, and outstation guests travel miles. A small gesture goes a long way in not only maintaining a good relationship with everyone but making the day just that special.

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Wedding Favor Ideas for Guests

What are Wedding Favours?

Often confused with wedding invites or most of the time not known, wedding favours are a huge part of weddings now a days. They are gifted to the guests at the end of all the ceremonies by the wedding party to portray their gratitude towards the guests.

Wedding favour items can be anything from a personalized bottle of wine to chocolates. It can also be a showpiece, a plant, maybe a chocolate that you and your partner enjoy and want to share it with others.

Favours need not be expensive, they can have a backstory or not, personalized or simple, none of these matter as long as it’s useful to the receiver.

Some of the most common gifts Indians prefer gifting are – cashews, makhanas, green teas and dry fruits. So, when these are common why should you gift these? It is because they are familiar items, people will not be opposed to try it, highly valued and can be used by everyone.

With us you can customize makhanas into masala makhanas, nuts into chocolate nuts and personalize your chocolates too with over 20 flavours. Over and above you can make your very own flavor. Choose the shape, size and even make into a hamper.

So ready to throw a wedding everyone gives examples of?

Personalised Wedding Favors For Guests
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