Best Trade Shows And Exhibition Giveaways

Gifting for corporate events is a great deal today. They play a vital role in a company’s relation with its stakeholders – internal or external. Depending on the corporate events, the giveaways or gifts, as you might see it, change. It can be festive like Diwali, Holi, Navratri and Dussehra etc. or professional, like trade shows, award shows etc. 

Here we will talk about the professional ones, as the importance of gifting during these events might be understated…

Among all the professional events held by different companies, trade shows and exhibitions are one of utmost importance. Why may you ask? Well, there are more reasons than one. To understand each of these in detail read – Why are trade shows and exhibitions important for business growth?  

The reason for visiting a trade show can be different. Also how you display your products such events can be different depending on whether it’s a show organized specifically for your company or are you with other competitors displaying the USP (Unique Selling Point) in a trade fair. Similarly, what you give and to whom also falls back on where you are (your own show or a fair). But, one thing has to remain consistent, gratitude.

People might have traveled distances and definitely have taken time out of the bust schedules to attend your event. A token of gratitude will not only impress them but also build a positive image of your company. Plus a thoughtful gift will remind them of you each time they use it.

When it comes to giveaways, you usually think of mugs and t-shirts customized with the company’s logo (swag gifts). But think about it, how much is it used? These items only end up in the storage unit. You might have received one at some point of time in your life, but do you use any of these items? There are other swag gifts you can go for which can be of good use to the receiver which we will discuss in the section below.

Unique items for giveaways

  • Chocolates

Personalized gifts can never let you down, especially Chocovira chocolates. Get over 20 flavours with customized ones. Yes! You can customize your very own flavours with Chocovira. That’s not all, you can have your company’s logo, a message or anything related to your business on the packaging, different styles available for the same at non – pocket drilling prices.  

Corporate Exhibition Chocolate Gifts
Corporate Exhibition Chocolates
  • Other edible items

Other items that you can consider giving during these events are Masala cashews, Makhanas, Chocolate Coated Nuts, Granola, Honey, Dry fruits, Cookies. You can find all of these at Chocovira.

Cranberry Dragees
Butterscotch Dragees
Peri Peri Cashews
Roasted Makhana
  • Bottles and Diaries Giveaways

So as we mentioned above, some swag gifts are usable and do not end in the store room. Such gifts include bottles and diaries. If designed well, it can be of really great use and won’t cost much. Such gifts can literally promote your company for free when used by the receiver. For diaries, you can go green and more sustainable with OGhemp. This company is going wonders to reduce cutting of trees for producing paper.

  • Bags

There are various kinds in the market – the normal type, the tech type, the trekking type. Depending on what your event is, this is a great gift.

  • Plants and seeds

A great gift shows what you stand for. Today climate change is a huge concern and all companies are trying to reduce their carbon footprint. A plant or seeds of different kinds of plant is a great gift to show that. This is something everyone will love in their house!

  • Power banks 

A thoughtful tech gift shows the effort that you put into selecting a gift. It shows that the end user matters for the company and it is not here only to gain profits by not maintaining a healthy relationship with its stakeholders. Power banks are ‘pocket friendly’ (literally) gifts and is required by almost everyone in today’s fast world. 

  • Fitness trackers

These might seem an expensive gift but really are not. There are a wide range of prices in fitness bands. It is a great way to say “we hope this helps you stay healthy”. 

  • Coffee beans, tea leaf and juice pack sets 

Most people drink either of the 3 – coffee, tea or juice with their morning meal or even with their evening snacks. It is a little difficult to understand who prefers what and give accordingly. Nevertheless, a good company’s tea leaves, coffee beans or juice packs will be of a great use to someone in a person’s family. Green tea for example is widely used and is a great item as it is healthy and not addictive.

  • Scented candles and soap bars for giveaways

If you want to give a full bag instead of one gift you should include small items which can be used daily like scented or surprise candles, soap bars or bath bombs. Now you might have heard of scented candles but what about the surprise ones? Well there are many companies which make these and depending on the company you will find something or the other in them, like some kind of stone, jewelry or even cash. 

Maybe you can add some chocolates with these in a bag.

  • Free service or products for the first time

Giving an offer for a free service or product of their choice is a great way to market your business. People can try it for free and return again and again if the service is good.  

Although here you have to think about certain terms and conditions like – having a cap on the maximum amount. Example – Applicable of items below 1999 or 2999 whatever suits you. Maybe could want to avoid such a situation and go for items with no restrictions. Hence, the above list.

Always remember to not go over budget. It will defeat one of the main purposes of organizing a corporate event. 

Hope the above list has helped you to find your unique gift for your next event!