Unique And Trending Wedding Return Gifts

Weddings grand or small, traditional or a bit out of the box has one thing in common – exchange of gifts. It is common in all cultures to bring the newlyweds gifts as a symbol of happiness, well being and luck for the commencement of their new life. 

Similarly the couple, as a gesture of thanking their guests for their presence on their special day and for the blessings give them gifts. The problem arises when a choice has to be made regarding the return gifts. This is because there are numerable options available in the market, with even newer items being introduced to the market each day.

With all the functions to organize and other things to get done during the wedding, you might forget this integral part of wedding preparations. Also it might be very overwhelming to choose from the never ending list of items. Here we are to help you choose gifts. Below are some of the unique and trendy options to choose from. You can select any according to your budget.

Personalized Return Gifts

A touch of personalization shows that extra mile you went through mentally to design a perfect gift. Personalized gift can be any item ranging from a simple chocolate box to pillows or photo frames.

Wedding Return Gifts
Wedding Return Gifts.

Personalized items will have anything engraved or printed on it. It can be your wedding date or a picture of you on your wedding day with the person receiving it or just a message on a chocolate box, cupcake or chocolate jar. Now you may ask what the message may be. It can be a simple “thank you”, “we are blessed you came” or “you made *you wedding date* special”.

Copper utensils

Copper has many health related properties and is very useful and thoughtful gift. A present that is bought keeping the end user in mind really makes the top item for your choice of items to give.

Being highly malleable and ductile, it can be made into any shape and decorated using its own body. Also you can have it painted with multi- colour patterns and designs for a pop look that every Indian wedding is.

Check out Wedtree for some amazing collections on copper bottles and glasses. They carry other items made with copper like a Kumkum box which you can consider gifting as well.

Home Décor Items-

Usually it is hard to find that one item which will please all. This is where a useful and simple home décor item plays and important role.

These items can be anything but make it subtle so that anyone can use it despite their different interior designs. Subtle as in the item, don’t give something which is huge as it will be very visible and might now be in the liking brackets of the receiver. The design on the item can be anything you want, colorful or more monochrome, simple or elaborate, as it might be difficult to keep a tab of all your guests as to what they might like and what they might not.

These items can be anything ranging from a simple key holder, table bowl to show pieces.

Non-Traditional Gifts-

Return gifts in Indian weddings usually include silver coins, sweets and dry fruits. These are an important part of Indian weddings, it is also true that these are quite common. Aside from these gifts you can add some fun to it by including items like scented candles, chocolates, hampers, wine glasses and other such items.

These items may or may not have a long shelf life but will definitely be a special one for your guests. When they think about it in a conversation, it will definitely light up their faces because they felt like they were a part of your important day.  

Couple Items-

Being a wedding, the word ‘couple’ is the most important here. So why not include it in the gifts? Couple gifts are cute and will cover two things at once, they can be personalized and be non-traditional.

Photo laps are a great gift and trending too. If you want to go ‘his and her’ gift items then you have a world of options to choose from, like – bracelets, personalized coasters, perfumes, wine or shot glasses, wallet and purse set, watches, towels,  etc. The list is practically endless.

Plates, cup and bartending sets-

A nice dinner, tea, coffee set is something everyone will use. Usually kept in a showcase when not used, it will not only remind your guests of your wedding but will be quite a conversation during their dinner times with their guests.

Going a bit further, if you know that someone close to your guest list has a hobby or a job like bartending, a nice set would be the best gift for them. Knowing your guests and gifting accordingly is the best you can make them feel. 

Things to keep in mind while selecting a gift…

As mentioned above, chocolates are a non-traditional and personalized gift and it is slowly overtaking the gift market. This is because chocolates are an item loved by all. Also its ability to blend itself with different flavours allows it to be versatile. Over and above you can have chocolates dipped nuts. So here you have it, traditional mixed with some modern fun. Different flavours and pocket friendly prices with great packaging is a definite ‘yes’ for wedding return gifts.

Similarly hampers can be of different types, personal care, beauty, or hampers related to food items. A main concern here might be the size, so do make sure that your guests receive the gifts that they can carry around or present it to them on the spot and be sure of sending it to them at their place.

One important thing to keep in mind is to never go over budget. It might seem that a gift is only a little over budget, but at the end when you grand total the list, it will break your pocket. Weddings are already expensive to add more unnecessary expense. There are multiple, in your budget items available in the market for less price. Also, inexpensive doesn’t mean cheap, it just means smart.