Things To Keep In Mind Before Choosing Corporate Gifts

Corporate gifts are a great way to keep your customers and employees happy. This gift-giving culture not only strengthens the bonds with the company but also helps establish a happy work environment. There are a plethora of reasons as to why corporate gifts are given such as customer satisfaction, increase in sales, increased productivity, etc. But before you indulge into the art of corporate gifts, check out these few pointers and tips that will make your experience productive.

Here is a list of important points that you should keep in mind before choosing corporate gifts…

  • Map out the budget

A corporate gift does not have to burn a hole in your pocket. There are many gifts that are cost-effective and of good quality. Items that are sturdy, reliable, and of good quality often have a higher shelf life. These items when bought in bulk do often come at a lesser price. keep in mind the cost of packaging, shipping in the budget. The presentation of the gift leaves an everlasting impression on the recipient.

  • Opt for Useful Gifts

Useful gifts are the best choice when giving corporate gifts. These gifts should not act as clutter, they must be useful in such a way that your clients or employees will be able to use it on a daily basis. This thoughtful tip will not only ensure your clients and employees that you have their best interest in mind but also act as a way to strengthen the bonds between a client and the organization.

  • Quality is key

When a company presents a gift to an individual, the gift represents the company. It is important for the gift to be sturdy, reliable, and of good quality, as it reflects on the organization. It is best to never compromise on quality, its best to leave out low quality, tacky gifts. If you plan and research beforehand, you can buy a high-quality gift without breaking your budget.

  •  Consider the cultural background

When you have clients overseas, it is best to purchase gifts that cater to their surroundings and tradition. To do this one must be well aware of the gifting traditions and gift-giving customs. each country and each state has different cultures and customs, getting to know the fine details about these customs not only shows that you show interest in their culture and are considerate towards their traditions but it also strengthens the bond between the client and the organization. It is best to avoid generic gifts and gifts that are gender-specific. These gifts must bring delight to your employees and clients, not offend them.

 Choosing gifts from an event perspective

Corporate gifts tend to be extra special when they are tailor-made based on the event. It is quite drab to give a generic gift for all events, to spice things up and make your gift even more interesting it is advised to give gifts that are centered around an event. The theme of each event will be different so its best to buy a gift based on the event. For example: If it is an office event, it is best to give a gift that is useful for the work environment. If it is an office Christmas party, it is apt to give a gift which is Christmas themed.

  • Consistency is key

It is best to maintain consistency when giving gifts on behalf of the company. All gifts must be similar and extra care must be taken to make sure that no recipient is left out. All employees must get a gift that is of the same value. Every member of the organization must be remembered. 

  • Avoid work-related gifts

Gifts that are out of the box and not work-related are a good choice as it can be used outside the office as well. Studies have shown that staff prefers and enjoy gifts that are not work-related. 

  • Practice caution when it comes to food items

When gifting food items it is best to consider the individual, check if they are allergic to any of the ingredients present in the food. By doing so you make sure that you care for their needs. This thoughtful gesture strengthens the bond between the client and the organization or the recipient and the organization.

  • Make sure there is no mistake while addressing the gift

When gifting a client or an employee it is best to double-check and make sure that the name of the recipient is absolutely right. Professional titles, as well as military, titles should be taken into account. The message on the gift must be perfectly thought out, and make sure that the address is accurate.

  • Prefer Gender Neutral Gifts

It is apt to opt for gender-neutral gifts. Ensure your gifts are useful for both the genders. Some great examples can be earphones, chargers, speakers, chocolates, etc.

  • Think Outside the box

It is better to give a gift which is unique and quirky, not only will these gifts have a long-lasting impression but also shows the thought and efforts that have gone into giving this gift. Make sure the gift is unique such that your clients or employees have a pleasant surprise when opening it. It is better to send different gifts for each team member rather than sending one gift to all of them. You can send a gift to each of them based on their personality.

  • Finding out about the vendor details

A big question when buying corporate gifts is “Which vendor should I buy from?”, When choosing a vendor it is apt to ask yourself questions like ” Do they have what I am looking for?”,”Do they have fast turnaround time?”. It is important to know about your vendor and to give them instructions clearly so that they can provide you with the best results.

By following these tips and pointers your gift is sure to be not only fun and exciting but also thoughtful. It shows that you have taken their needs into consideration. These tips also help in making the entire process of purchasing corporate gifts easy and convenient.