7 Unique Baby Boy Announcement Gifts Ideas

Being blessed with a little bundle of joy is the most inspiring and life-changing moment in one’s life. It is an amazing moment worth sharing and gives immense joy and pleasure. Pregnancy is a significant moment as it marks the birth of a newborn. Bringing this baby boy into the world calls for a celebration. It is moments like these that must be shared among friends and family by giving baby boy announcement gifts. There are many great ways to announce the arrival of this little rockstar to friends and family.

Here are 7 Unique Baby Boy Announcement Gifts Ideas

1. Personalized greeting card for announcing your baby boy

The birth of a baby boy brings wonderful moments into our lives. This little rockstar is all set to steal our hearts with his cute smile. A personalized greeting card as a gift for the arrival of your baby is a great choice. Parents can add a picture of the beautiful baby boy. The card can be a calming baby blue with golden borders, as blue generally represents a baby boy.

Personalized Cards for Baby Boy Announcement

2. Baby Announcement Cupcakes

Sending your family cupcakes is always a good idea, sending it to your family for announcing the birth of your precious newborn baby boy is a great option. These delicate cupcakes will be [perfectly frosted with blue frosting, If you feel blue is too mainstream. you can make a themed cupcake. some of the popular themes that can be included are superhero themes, astronaut themes, etc. you can write the name of your little baby on each cupcake or you can spell out the name with each letter on one cupcake.

3. Chocolates for baby boy announcements

Chocolates make everything better. This intense heavenly treat is not only a great way to announce the birth of your precious baby it is also a delightful treat that many enjoy. Chocolate is known to be the food of the Gods, it was eaten by kings and princes, therefore chocolate is the apt gift for announcing the news of your precious newborn king. As chocolates are highly preferred options for baby boy announcement gifts, we have described them broadly – 

Chocolates for Baby Boy Announcement
Baby announcement Chocolates
Chocolates for Baby Boy Birth Announcement

Parents can send personalized chocolate boxes with a picture of their precious baby on the box. Chocovira.in has a wide range of chocolates to choose from. They specialize in customized chocolate boxes and have a wide range of exciting flavors to choose from. Imagine how amazing it would be to receive a box of chocolates to see a beautiful baby boy on the cover. Friends and family will already be eager to catch a glimpse of the sweet baby. This is a thoughtful and sweet option to announce the birth of the baby boy. 

Chocolate Gift Boxes for Baby Boy Birth Announcement
Baby Boy Birth Announcement personalized Chocolate Gift Boxes
  • Baby Announcement Chocolate Hampers

    Another delicious choice for chocolate enthusiasts is a chocolate hamper. It can be an assortment of chocolates or a bouquet of chocolates. It is another fun way to announce such sweet news. Customized chocolate hampers for birth announcements are trending this season, you can call & ask us for options for baby boy birth announcement hamper ideas.

Chocolate Gift Hampers
Baby Announcement Gift Hampers

4. Flowers

Flowers are a great way of announcing such happy news. Flowers are scientifically known to have a long term positive effect on moods. Flowers are known to highlight this life-changing moment. You can send an assortment of flowers such as rose, carnations, lilies, and orchids

5. Sweets

There are many options to customize Indian sweets. Certain artisanal shops make sweets in the shape of flowers such as roses, carnations, and lilies. These sweets or mithai have a floral taste and look aesthetically pleasing. This announcement is sure to make the news even sweeter. Being a tradition of a family, people opt for sweets like Penda, Rasgulla, Motichoor Laddu’s, etc. for gifting their families. If you are only looking for customized sweet boxes for baby boy announcements, give us a call & we can help you out with customization as per your requirement. 

6. Fruit Basket

You may think that fruit basket contains your fundamental fruits like apple, oranges, and banana, but you can liven it up with some exotic fruits like dragon fruit, passion fruit, apricots, etc. It is mango season you can send a box of different types of mangoes. This sweet, fruity treat is sure to make a mark.

7. A picture is worth a thousand words.

As this newborn baby is welcomed into the family, friends, and well-wishers are eager to catch a glance of this baby. A great baby boy announcement gift would be to send a picture of the little rockstar. You can send it in the form of a postcard or a laminated picture. If you are tech-savvy you can send it over the internet. The possibilities are endless.

The birth of a baby boy is always exciting, Seeing the baby who is going to change your life fills you up with hope and inspiration. Sending out these baby boy announcement gifts would be a way of telling your friends, family, and well-wishers to be a part of this baby’s life.