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Weddings are an event of joy and togetherness. In India, it is not only the holy matrimony of two people but two big fat Indian families. So, it is natural to make everyone feel comfortable and equally especial.

Wedding gifts add a huge cost to the overall budget of the wedding, but is definitely a part you cannot leave out. Why? Wedding return gifts are not only a part of Indian culture but that of western as well. Being massively different, they carry the same message of gratitude, love and appreciation. These is especially important for outstation guests as they have come a long way, keeping aside everything, to bless your marriage and be a part of your special day.

Talking about the cost, some might think that the tradition of return gifts are no longer necessary,

But here are some of the reasons why this is not true –

  • To express gratitude towards your guests

Gifts are a way to appreciate the presence of your guests on your special day. Some might have traveled miles, taken leaves from jobs or even worked extra hours to get those few days off. Appreciating their presence is an important aspect to maintain a good relation in the future. A gift for everyone will make them feel special and truly a part of your big day.

  • To say thank you

You will receive a lot of gifts at your wedding, and it’s your day. So, as a thank you gesture for all the blessings and gifts, return gifts become an important part. An “old but gold” gesture of a handwritten card with the attendees’ initials with the actual gift is a perfect return gift. You can also go for personalized cards that are printed with the names of the receiver, but there is always something special about the handwritten words on paper. Your guests will definitely cherish it forever.

  • The Belief

It is not a practice of Indian culture to let guests go empty handed. Especially when someone is visiting for the first time or after a long time or during a special occasion. It might be considered rude by some and not cultural by others, or both. It is this give and take ratio that bonds everyone.

  • Important symbols the gifts carries

Gifts are not just materialistic items, they carry important meaning (more often than not). Dry fruits are a common gift to suggest good health, Silver coins to wish prosperity, idol of gods (mainly Lord Ganesh) for happiness and prosperity. There are other items too and all might not carry meanings but are functional and usable.

  • To make the wedding memorable

A good and useful gift will always remind the receiver of your wedding and what a great time they had when they use the item received by you. Even something which might not last a lifetime like food items like dry fruits, sweets or chocolates, when presented beautifully will definitely be a great recall for your wedding.

What items to gift?

A big question is always “what to gift?” and definitely a tricky one. You have to search for something that is ‘one for all’ or different things that have almost the similar value.

Well, there is no one answer to this. There are uncountable wedding return gift ideas, some of which we have mentioned above. Other common items include, crockery set, wine glass set, scented candles, sweets, chocolates, etc. It is never ending.

The items you gift greatly depends on your budget, number of guests and who are you giving the gifts. Also keep in mind the event be it mehendi, haldi, sangeet or D-Day. The gift should be appropriate and in accordance with the wedding event.

Dry fruits and sweets are two of the most common return gift items in a wedding. But if you want to go for something different, you can gift chocolates. Also they have a longer shelf life than sweets and is mostly loved by all age groups. Being of different flavours, if not one, another flavour will definitely please everyone.

Also chocolate boxes can be personalized with us. You can have a special note written anywhere on the box. This will add a special touch to the gift and will be quite meaningful. Also we have over a dozen flavours, but if you want

We do understand the unprecedented Covid situation and your concerns of safety and hygiene regarding the making of the chocolates. We assure you that everything is safe, hygienic and also delivered hygienic.

Further if you want a hamper, we have the option for that as well. Aside the chocolates you can give us a list of items to add and we will have beautiful gifts set, wrapped and ready for you. This way you can include everything in one place which will also seem grand. (Let’s face it we Indian’s do like to show off).

Return gifts might be given at the end of the ceremonies but are welcoming and warm. Guests not only attend your wedding but feel like a part of your day through meaningful gifts.

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