Things to Keep in Mind before Choosing Baby Announcement Gifts

When announcing the birth of a baby, There are many factors that go into making this baby announcement special. Pregnancy is a wonderful time, it transforms a woman into a mother and it welcomes a new member of the family. There are many wonderful ways to announce this exciting news. Here are a few tips and suggestions that make your Baby Announcement Gifts creative and fun.

What exactly is a birth announcement?

A birth announcement is a way of telling your friends and family about the new family member that has come into your life. This can be as simple as calling up your relatives over the phone or as grand as sending gift baskets.

What to include in a birth announcement?

The birth announcement is generally advised to be short and sweet. Some basic information to include in the announcement is the parent’s name followed by the baby’s siblings. The baby’s full name is also included along with the baby’s birth date, baby’s gender, baby’s weight, and length.

Some optional information to add is the names of the baby’s grandparents and the location of the birth. If you are blessed with twins or multiples, include the same information and adjust all the names to fit.

Baby Boy Announcement with Baby Name and message

When to announce the birth of the baby?

Generally, birth announcements can be done anytime during the first 6 months from birth. Though you have six months it is advisable to send the announcements earlier. It is better to send within two to eight weeks after birth. 

If you are planning to have a professional newborn photoshoot it is advisable to book beforehand as this photoshoot is usually done five to ten days after giving birth. These photos take one or two weeks to develop before you start sending them.

Types of Birth announcements

There are many ways to send these announcements, such as a postcard, chocolates, gift baskets, goodies, or even just a photo over Whatsapp. It all depends on your budget. E-cards are more pocket friendly and can be sent in a matter of seconds whereas a paper announcement is a classic way of announcing and it makes a great keepsake for your family members and friends.

Baby Girl Announcement Hampers
Baby Girl Birth Announcement Gifts

Who should I send these birth announcements?

There is no hard and fast rule on who to send these announcements to. These announcements are usually sent to people in your life who care for you and wish you the best such as immediate family members, friends, coworkers, office colleagues & bosses.

Social Media to share the birth Announcement.

This is a great way of announcing the big exciting news. Sharing it on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, or Whatsapp is simple and easy as it reaches all your contacts and no one gets left out. There are many creative ways to announce on social media. You can do this by posting the picture of the announcement card or you can take a cute picture of the new baby and post.

If you plan on sharing it on social media, it is better to ask your family and friends to not post any status or updates before you post your announcement.

Breaking stereotypes

It is nice to follow a cliche, but it is also great to break stereotypes. You don’t have to stick to the conventional colors of blue and pink, You can incorporate colors such as green, yellow, purple, etc. Don’t be afraid to mix it up and add your own personal creative touch to the announcement.

Neutral Baby Announcement Hampers

Choosing the Right Gift for Baby Announcements.

Choosing the right gift for baby announcements puts on a lot of pressure, but at the end of the day, it is your call on what gift to send. There are no wrong choices, so its best to choose what makes you happy and what feels right.

Baby announcements are a way of sharing the joy and happiness of the birth of a baby with your friends and relatives. It is a happy moment that will be always cherished.