4 Of The Most Creative Baby Announcements Ever

Pregnancy is a great time in a person’s life. It is when a woman transforms into a mother. Baby Announcements are a happy and memorable life event that will be remembered forever not only by the parents but also by their friends, families, and well-wishers. To make this moment more joyous and exciting there are many exciting ways to announce the birth of your baby.

Check out 4 Of The Most Creative Baby Announcements Ever

1. Maternity Photo Shoot.

To capture the perfect shot of your pregnancy a Maternity shoot is a great idea. It shows the stages of pregnancy and it is also a great way of reminiscing that stage in your life. There are many ways to do a maternity shoot, here are a few ways to make your maternity shoot stand out from the rest.

  • The classic bump: The star of the show is the baby bump. so for this idea, flaunt your baby bump with a huge smile.
  • Picturesque scenario: A simple and elegant photo taken in a nice calming background
  • The silhouette: This photo idea captures the silhouette or the frame of the mother, It can be taken during sunset when the colors of the sky merge to form a purplish hue. It can also be taken during sunrise when the sun meets the blue sky to give a goldish- orange radiance.
  • Seasonal Shoot: Every season has its beautiful moments and it can be used in your favor for the maternity shoot. During summer you can use the bright sunny backdrop and during spring you can use the beautiful blooming flowers for inspiration, during the monsoons, the light breeze and sprinkle of rain can be used, and during winter you can use the star-studded sky as the backdrop.
  • Incorporating the baby’s name: For this idea, you can incorporate the name of the baby in the photo. This can be done in so many innovative ways like using crossword pieces or alphabet blocks. 

The birth of a baby is a wonderful time in a family. To share this news and joy with friends, family and well-wishers makes a great memory that will always be cherished.

  • Tiny Baby shoes. Taking a picture holding up baby shoes is such a cute and loving way to let your family know about the birth of your baby.
  • Family photo: Nothing goes wrong in a family photo, having the entire family in for the big announcement is surely a great idea

All these photos can be shared on various platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp status, etc to announce your baby.

2. Baby Announcement Chocolate Box

Chocolate hampers are a great way of announcing the news of the birth of a baby. This delicious treat that we call chocolate is a sure way to make this moment special. You may feel giving chocolates are too mainstream and boring, but there are ways to make chocolate giving exciting and lively. Chocolates can be given in the form of a chocolate box, This box can be personalized on the customer’s preference. Customers can choose the color, design of the box, they can add a picture of the baby on the cover or they can add any illustrations they like. Parents can also attach a note inside the box and they can choose the different flavors of chocolates that go into the box. You can order your fully customized Baby Announcement chocolate boxes & hampers here.

Baby Announcement Chocolate Gift Box
Baby Announcement Chocolate Box.

3. Chocolate Hampers

If not a chocolate box, chocolate hampers are also a great way of announcing the news. Chocolate hampers have a wide variety and assortments of chocolate. They also contain baked chocolate goods such as cakes, cookies, etc.

Baby Announcement Chocolate Hampers.
Baby Announcement Chocolate Hampers

4. Tea

Giving an assortment of teas is a classy and elegant way to break the good news to your family. Tea is refreshing and calming you can give an assortment of teas such as darjeeling tea, black tea, green tea etc.

The birth of a baby is such a joyous and cherishable moment. There is more joy when this news is shared among your friends and family members. There are many different and unique ways to announce this wonderful life-event. This list is sure to make your pregnancy announcement a memorable one.