Baby Announcement Messages & Templates

Pregnancy is a life-changing moment in a woman’s life. A woman transforms into a mother while the family gets ready to welcome a new family member. This is an auspicious and memorable time, The baby will fill the family with love, joy, and hope. One of the best parts of birthing a baby is sharing the love and joy among family members. Announcing the birth of your baby and waiting to see the reaction of your friends and family is a truly memorable time. The happiness and excitement splattered on their faces as they eagerly wait to catch a glance of this amazing little baby.

There are many ways to announce this precious time. Parents could post it online or they could send chocolate boxes, postcards, gift baskets, etc. In all these options there is a small note or card with a message or a quote. Trying to capture this amazing life moment into two to three sentences is quite a hard task. Here are a few quotes, messages, and ideas that try to capture the essence of this wonderful moment.

We have shortlisted creative baby announcement messages & templates which you can share with your friends, families & others.

 Birth Announcements Of a Boy or Girl

“A tiny bit of heaven sent from above, a sweet little miracle to treasure and love”

“Twinkle, twinkle tiny light, little eyes that shine so bright. A precious baby from heaven above, fill our hearts with so much love.”

“A star fell down from heaven, and landed in our arms with all of mommy`s sweetness and all of daddy`s charm. We are star struck by the arrival of…”

“A new little hand for us to hold his/her love is grand, precious as gold”

“A wonderful gift, so precious and sweet. Our hearts are full, our lives complete”

“Kisses and snuggles and giggles, life at its brightest and best. Oh, how our hearts have been stolen, Oh, how our home has been blessed!”

“Tiny soul, so sweet and new,the world was waiting just for you”

“Our prince/princess has arrived to spread magic and cheer, to keep smiles on our faces throughout the whole year”

“We’re roaring with excitement and fun. To announce the birth of our little one!”

“The heavens rejoiced and the angels sighed, when this precious baby boy/girl arrived”

“It’s time for dirty diapers, sleepless nights, and endless love. Welcome our little one(baby name)”

If you’re looking for something more cute then try this…

“Bottle, rattles and cute little socks.

Lullabies, laughter and alphabet blocks…

We have waited 9 months to expand our space,

She/he is finally here with a smile on her/his face!”


“Someone special

Someone dear

Someone new to love is here!”


“Our little caboose has arrived…

He/she has beautiful eyes and wiggly toes,

lots of dark hair and a cute little nose”

Announcement of Baby Boy

“Oh boy! Meet (baby name)”

“It’s a boy! Our little man has arrived!”

“There’s a new king of the house! Please welcome (baby name)”

“Hello, handsome! Introducing our bouncing baby boy, (baby name)”

“Our baby came dressed in blue! Please welcome (baby name)”

“Looking forward to the excitement and fun, announcing the birth of our wonderful son!

“You are what we have been waiting for all these years. You complete our home, our family and everything else. Welcoming our first baby boy!”

“The first milestone of our married life has been achieved. A new journey of parenthood starts today. It’s a boy!”

“The sweetest period of our life has just begun. A handsome baby boy lights up our life as we gladly let you know of the miracle. Life is awesome! It’s the most beautiful gift from almighty”

Baby Girl Announcement

“Pretty in pink! Meet (baby name)”

“Once upon a time, a little princess was born. Meet (baby name)”

“Announcing our darling daughter, (baby name)”

“She may be small when it comes to size, but she’s the queen of the cutie pies”

“She’s sugar. She’s spice. She’s everything nice. Meet (baby name)”

“She has already arrived at our small hut. Now she is waiting for you. Introducing our greatest achievement in life, a beautiful baby girl!”

“Someone so tiny, someone so sweet, we would love for you to meet”

“From the top of her head to the toes on her feet, our new little girl has made our lives complete!”

“Pretty bonnets, bows and lace

Frame her tiny, smiling face…

Letting you know that we`re tickled pink

over the arrival of our new baby girl…”

We made a wish and she came true!

Twin Baby Announcement

“Sometimes god is much more generous than we think he is. We are gladly announcing the gifts he just sent us. It’s twins!”

“Twice as precious, twice as fun. We have been blessed with two, not (instead of) one!”

“We are full of joy,our four boot addition is a girl and a boy!”

“Two miracles sent from above, a daughter and a son for all to love”

“The love and blessings we’ve shared as two will now be shared by four.We are pleased to announce the birth of our twins”

“Double the trouble, double the fun.

Our life with twins has just begun!

Twenty fingers, twenty toes, plenty of work heaven knows.

Four little arms to hold tight, four little cheeks to kiss goodnight!”

“Two miracles sent from above.

A daughter and a son for all to love.

Two special lives have just begun,

two times the joy, two times the fun!

We are proud to announce our two bundles of joy,

one little girl and one little boy!”