Welcome Gifts – What, Why and When To Send Out One?

Welcome gifts are a great way to send out not only goodies but also best wishes, warmth, and a general feeling of gratitude towards people. A small token of appreciation which is carefully planned can really enhance your image.

What are Welcome Gifts?

These are bags, boxes, and/or baskets of various items given to welcome people into a new environment which might be a long one or few hours of visit. They are colorful, loaded with surprises and generally trigger excitement among the receivers. Depending upon your requirements and the event the packaging and items in the gift hamper change.

Why opt for a Welcome Gift?

A lot of thought process, effort and cost goes into making a budget approved welcome present and hence, is filled with gratitude and care. Gifting a basket of common amenities like toothbrush, shampoo bottles, maybe some beautifully printed napkins and some chocolates, especially the handmade ones, leaves a long lasting impression on hotel guests which builds the brand image and gains the hotel a higher recall rate.

At family occasions, mostly the close once receive a welcome gift as such events are usually expensive to bear. To add that touch of respect for this group of people you can add personalized cards and handmade dessert, mainly dry ones like chocolates as they will be more feasible.

What circumstances call for a Welcome Gift?

There are more occasions than you think where you can give an extravagant set of items. 

  • For new employeesWith a set of pad and a high quality pen will help them feel welcomed into the company and genuinely feel like a part of a whole new family.

Worried about what the hamper should include? Read to know What should be included in a welcome package for new employees.

  • For hotel guests – A small hamper of all the items that one usually uses gives the impression of a high end, fancy hotel.

For a lasting impression Welcome gifts for hotel guests must be unique and extravagant.

  • For wedding guests – For destination weddings a small box of handpicked gifts makes the guests feel comfortable and welcomed. For local weddings too you can do the same only the items might be different.

Keeping the budget in mind How can you make welcome gifts for wedding guests that cater to everyone’s needs? Tap to read more.

  • For customers and potential customers – Extra effort of reaching out to your customers goes a long way. It highlights that you value your customers and helps build a brand reputation.

Here you will get to know about the Importance of gifting welcome gifts and its contents to customers or potential customers.

  • Student/exchange student – Well, it’s not only exciting but also helps in smooth transition into a new environment. Some playful accessories and a few sweet and savory treats are always welcoming.

Student welcome gifts are easy, thus require extra thought for an exciting Welcome gift idea for students/ exchange students.

  • Conference – Meetings are long and the preparation the guests and attendees go through is already stressful. Few goodies can help you build your brand image and the guests to feel welcomed.

Gifting a hamper might be a hassle for conference guests, try to go for a gift bag. Here you can know more about What you should include in a welcome gift bag for conference attendees and why it is important.

What does a Welcome Hamper include?

There is nothing called a perfect gift hamper for everyone. The contents in a welcome gift should not only be according to the event but also age appropriate. There is no point in giving a notepad to a 5 year old child.

Similarly aromatic oil bottles can be appropriate for wedding or hotel welcome gifts and not for conferences. They include items that can be instantly used or be kept for long overtime use. The contents are typically set inside are a well decorated bag, box or basket. 

Common welcome presents irrespective of occasion include – pen, notepad, card, handmade chocolates and other sweet edible items, personalized mugs, t-shirt or other such wearable, folder, wine etc.

The above mentioned are usually personalized and quite common. To impress your guests you need to go a step further and include items that will be forever memorable.

Ideas for Welcome Gifts

Gifting presents can be overwhelming as there is an ocean to choose from and yet nothing seems perfect. Well, we are here to help you work it through.

To give a twist to your hotel welcome gift set you can add a couple of scented candles with other important stuff. Remember to put it on display so that the guests know it’s for them. For this use a basket but without the handle, it is more up-beat and professional. Add a few flowers and some good old Hazelnut Delight from our menu. Choosing a flavor that is mostly liked by all gives a sense of importance to the customer.

It goes without saying that weddings are expensive. Adding the budget of wedding welcome gifts might seem like a big hole in the budget but it’s not as it’s usually gifted to people who are travelling from outside or close once. If you are still not into gifting a lot, a humble box of 4 chocolates with a small hand written card will not cost a lot. Plus it will cover all age groups as who doesn’t like chocolates!

For office and professional events you can never go wrong with a bottle of water, a map of the area (for new employees) or city (of a conference with outstation guests), local delicacies and maybe a small diary. If you have a higher budget you can add other items like a pen drive to your kit. Another thing you can never go wrong with for these kinds of welcome presents are chocolates, and each box can have a variety of them and can be customized by us as per your needs.

Dos and Don’ts for a Welcome Gift

As mentioned earlier, never lose sight of the event, the age group and the location. If the hotel and the location of the event has quite a distance to cover don’t hand out baskets or boxes, they are a hassle to carry around. Go for quality bags which can be customized.

The biggest red flag is too much of the same product. If you are adding a lot of the same item it really lets your image down. Don’t add too many pens to your conference welcome gift file or too many toothbrushes to your hotel kit. If the person wants more they will ask for it. Instead add something they might not expect, this will not only leave a good impression but also cut down on unnecessary cost.

Don’t over pack your gift items until they are fragile which most likely won’t be. Over packing frustrates the receiver and even before they have a look at their gift they will have a bitter impression about you. Also do not fill the bag or box with unnecessary decorative items like colorful shavings, they are a waste and even if less it will add up to a huge bill.

And most importantly always keep in mind the budget. Don’t go overboard with it. If you want to leave a good impression but at a lower price, gift less but something that’s worth it. Always try to add some kind of liquid and sweets as they don’t cost a lot and can be really used by everyone.

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