List Of Game Ideas for Baby Shower

Are you looking for some fun, modern baby shower games? Look no further, here are some super cool and interesting games for your baby shower.

Having a baby shower without games seems boring as baby showers need to be full of fun and cute memories. The best baby shower games are first and foremost full of fun, after all, what is the point of playing the game if there is no fun in it.

Here we have a list of games that you can enjoy playing in your baby shower ceremony…

  • Blindfolded Diaper Changing Game

Gather some baby dolls and a pack of diapers. Put the diaper on the baby doll and then blindfold your guests. Ask them to remove the diaper and clean the baby doll and put a new diaper on.Whoever finishes first will be the winner!

  • Baby Songs

For this game make a team of two or three people. Give everyone five minutes to list as many songs they can, with the word “baby” in the title. The team which will have the most number of songs at the end of five minutes will win!

  • Name The Tune Game For Baby Shower

Create a playlist of songs from different albums. Play 30 seconds of each song and let everyone try to guess the artist and the tune. If your guests are all music buffs then you can ask them to name the album or in which year this song was released.

  • Baby Shower Game – Big Belly Twister

This game is full of fun. To play this game give everyone a blown-up balloon and ask them to place it underneath their dress on their tummy. Then play a game of twister! Anyone whose balloon will pop out will be out of the game.

  • Guess The Flavor Of Candies

Melt 10 different flavored candy bars into small microwave bowls. Place them all on the table and let the guests guess the candy flavors of each bowl one by one.

  • Design Baby Clothing

For this game buy a bunch of white baby onesies and markers, which are made for drawing on clothes. Give one garment to each guest and let them go crazy! Every guest will get creative in designing baby clothes.

  • Celebrity Babies

Collect photos of celebrity babies and ask your guests to guess the parent’s name of that baby correctly.

  • Guess The Baby Items

For this game, you will need a bag and some necessary baby items. Then you have to fill the bag with all the baby things like diapers, hairbrushes, baby shampoos, baby cream, etc. Now give each guest a piece of paper and a pen. Pass the bag to each guest one by one and let them feel the things inside the bag without looking into the bag. Also, ask the guest to write the name of the object on the paper given to them. Whoever has the most correct guess will win the game.

  • Baby Drawings

Pass a sturdy paper plate and maker to each guest. Instruct them to draw a picture of the baby. Whoever will draw the perfect picture of the baby will win the game. But this game is not so simple there is a twist they have to draw a baby with a paper plate that will be placed on top of their head.

  • Ice Baby Breaker Game For Baby Shower

This is literally an ice- breaker game! You have to freeze tiny plastic dolls into an ice cube before the day of the shower. Fill the ice tray with tiny plastic dolls and water and let it freeze. When you want to play this game with your guest, ask the guest to pick a piece of ice, and place it in their drink. When your tiny doll is fully separated and melted from ice then the game will end. Whoever will have their baby first in the glass will win.

So, there you have it! With these fabulous baby shower game ideas, you and your loved ones are sure to have an unforgettable time.