5 First Birthday Party Themes for Girls

Every child’s first birthday is a very special one. This is the precise reason why you must make sure to make it memorable. The first birthday is unforgettable for both the child and the parents. It marks the completion of your child’s first year in this world and also your parenthood. It’s time for us to celebrate this grandly and make undying memories. Thus, to make it a memorable one, you must check out some cool birthday party themes also find the best Return Gifts for Themed Parties

There is nothing better than a themed birthday party. It makes everything look even and flawless. Everything is centered around the theme, the dress, the cake, the decorations. And matched with the theme including invites, games, dress code, and most importantly the cake.

Here are some innovative and artistic First Birthday party themes which can make your celebration marvelous and make people go crazy!!

5 Birthday Party Themes for Girls  

  • Theme 1: Hot Air Balloon Theme

Riding in a hot air balloon is literally every child’s fantasy. Kids not only love balloons but they also like to listen to lots of stories about clouds and balloons.

You can decorate your venue backdrop with white balloons in the shape of clouds. You can also choose to accentuate everything with little elements from the sky such as birds, airplanes etc. The invites could have balloons attach to it.

Well to make the party more interesting you can have a decorated ruffle cake or fondant cake having hot air balloons over it. You can dress your little princess in a blue or white balloon frock having a bow to it. We can add games like balloon grab, popping race, water balloon tosses etc. for the entertainment of kids.

For Return Gifts for Themed Parties ; chocolate boxes would be an ideal way of sharing some light- heartedness, and some delight to it. You can also wrap the chocolates into the chocolate boxes with the print of hot air balloons on it.

  • Theme 2: Unicorn Theme

Unicorn is a popular character in children’s myth as it sprinkles some magic into an occasion. The essence of the unicorn is that it flies and poops rainbow; basically, they stand for something special, different and unique.

There is a growing trend of the unicorn pastel color palette which makes it a beautiful theme. The joy is that you can either go for bold or light color as per your wish.

For the unicorn theme, white, silver, gold or even rainbow colors are relevant. All your invites, dress code and decoration can have these as your dominant color. You can dress your princess with a white top having a silver color centered unicorn on it and a tutu skirt. For decoration you can also use unicorn pictures or silicon balloons made in the shape of unicorn.

Every child loves game so for this theme you can take ideas like stick the horn on the unicorn or pass and parcel game or make your own unicorn balloons.

Popular first birthday return gifts for this theme includes unicorn theme dairy or mug. Even you can gift some assorted chocolates like white unicorn with a beautiful packing in the shape of a unicorn or you can gift unicorn birthday picture frame and basically all things related to unicorn!

  • Theme 3: Disney Princess Themed Birthday Party

Your baby girl is special to you and so is her birthday; so why not organize a birthday party for her that she will cherish all her life? Girls love Disney princess! Girls have at least one princess as their favorite.

Ask your guests to dress their girl as a Disney princess and dress your baby girl as her favorite Disney princess. You can also distribute tiaras to the girls.

You can decorate your venue like a replica of Disney world and you can also use cutout of different Disney princess. Order a customized cake in the shape of Disney world or princess to make the day memorable. Your invites can have Disney character like Donald duck, Pete, Oswald, Minnie mouse etc engraved on it.

You can distribute mugs or tiffin boxes with Disney princess printed on them or you can also give Disney books with customized chocolate in the shape of princess as a 1st bday return gift to the kids.

  • Theme 4: Frozen Character Theme

Are you planning a party for your little ice princess? Then frozen birthday theme will bring fun anytime. As we know Disney’s Frozen is popular and a fun party theme for kids. This theme is more special for girls because of their love for Elsa and Anna.

Let your princess’s love for Elsa and Anna turn into reality. Decoration of the venue can have Elsa and Anna as a centered character and an Olaf made of cotton. Bring blue, silver and white silicon balloons and some sprinkling star curtains along with blue curtains and decorative white lights from market. All these stuffs can be used to make the venue look glorious.

Make some DIY snowflakes with paper and hang them up with thread. Create a beautiful frozen theme character’s picture on your invitation that symbolize Elsa and Anna and with a cupcake’s toppers on it. Dress your baby girl either in Frozen tutu dress or in Frozen Elsa or Anna tutu dress whichever dress you choose, It will make you baby look adorable.

To make theme more interesting you can have some vanilla flavored cupcakes, white chocolates wrapped in customized packing according to the theme. Order a customize fondant cake with Elsa and Anna figures on it.

Also include some of the game like Freeze Dance Game or Duck Pond Game. For duck pond game instead of pool or small tub, rice or sand can be used for playing the game inside.To play this game you just need to place rubber duck in the small tub and ask the kids to take out the ducks. Whoever will take it out first will win a small price. Give wall clock or goody bags with print of Elsa and Anna on them or you can give some hand painted boxes with chocolates in it as token of love.

  • Theme 5: Polka Theme for Birthday Party

Polka dots do have retro feel. However, nobody can deny their style quotient! This theme is a great idea for your girls first birthday.

You can decorate the venue with polka dotted balloons, curtains and table cloths and you can dress your birthday girl in a polka dotted dress. You can also have some games like polka puzzle, polka dots count calculation. You can design your invitation card with a colorful print of polka dots on it.

Serve drinks in a polka-dotted cups and snacks in polka dotted plates. Order a customized polka dotted patterned cake along with this you can add cupcakes as a complementary snack.

Return gifts for the First birthday themed party can include polka-dotted mugs, tiffin boxes, bags or water bottle with customized chocolates into it as a token of love from your side to their kids for making it to your party.

There can be many more themes for your special one’s first birthday like frozen theme, barbie theme, Minnie mouse theme, mermaids’ theme and so on. While each theme is sublime for your party, what’s more important is to add your love and warmth on this occasion and make your princess’s special day full of merry and joy.