Baby Shower Return Gifts or Favors

Creative and unique ideas for baby shower return gifts as a token of love.

Everything about babies is adorable, even before they are born! A baby shower is a way to pamper a woman who is soon going to be a mother and also for welcoming a new life to the family. So, thank the guests for their presence and love with sweet baby shower return gifts. Read below to know the different ideas for return gifts or favors.

Here we have a list of ideas for Baby Shower Return Gifts…


Customized scented candles are not only cute but also functional, you can use it for decorating your home and at the same time you can light it up in the evening. To present this gift, you need to purchase customized scented candles from the retailer. If you want the candles in bulk then you can order them as per your requirement. You can pack these candles with ribbons or other packaging items that are used for decorating the gifts.


You can give storybooks to all your guests. So, that they could remember your big day. Along with storybooks, you could add a small chocolate box as a token of love and also thank them for their love.


There are many cute, beautiful, small, and petite photo frames in different shapes and sizes. some of them have a cloth pattern some are in the shape of a television, all these photo frames are surely adorable. This idea as a return gift for a baby shower will be cool and unique and will be loved by everyone.


If you are celebrating your baby shower in the summer, then you can have this as a return gift for your ceremony. You just have to take the pink and green color tissue paper and wrap them around a box so that it has the watermelon design. Fill these boxes with colorful candies or chocolates.


Your guest’s face will lit up when they see these tea candles in beautiful tin patterns. You can also add a thank you message on the top of the candle tin. Whenever they light up these candles, it will surely remind them about your beautiful baby shower ceremony.


Your friends might love to gather for game nights. So, you can gift these playing cards just for the sake of fun. For a change, you can add pictures of your friends on the back of the deck of cards, This is sure to add a personal touch to a fun-filled game.


Now a day’s everyone likes to use Eco-friendly bags for shopping and other purposes. So, you can gift an Eco-friendly bag. You could add a message or a photo of you and your guest on it as a memento of the day.


Everyone needs a quality toiletry travel bag or a small clutch for holding odds and ends. Gift a pouch to your guests by adding a monogram or a design to it and fill the pouch with goodies as a baby shower gift set.


Baby umbrellas can be presented throughout the year. To present this you need to fill paper umbrellas with colorful candies and flavored chocolates and wrap them in a white, soft, net-like material (preferably cloth material) and tie them with a ribbon for a nice look.


The customized mug is loved by everyone as it keeps reminding them about the cute memories whenever they use it. You can gift a coffee mug by putting some candid pictures of your guest on it. While packing you can put some chocolates inside the mug.

There are endless ways to design a baby shower return gift. So, choose the one that best display your crafting or personalized skill for your baby shower theme. This is a thoughtful gift that your guests are sure to remember. Whatever you choose, these return gifts are sure to end your baby shower on a loving note.