5 First Birthday Theme For Boys

Well if you are here reading this write-up it definitely means that your beloved is about to complete his one year and its high time for you to plan his First Birthday. If it is so then, let us help you.

You might already know that theme parties are ruling this decade. So, definitely your child’s First birthday has to be a themed one! It certainly makes your party, guests and of course your boy feel elated. Its his first birthday so make it a memorable one. Give yourself the best opportunity to capture every moment beautifully using artistic themes. With a themed party for his First Birthday every corner of the party,dresses to decorations to games to invites will look absolutely amazing and will surprise everyone with its perfect touch.

Don’t worry, there are many themes that will make your boy’s First Birthday Party special.

Here are five themes for First Birthday Party Ideas for Boys…

  • Theme 1: – Royal Prince Theme

The most popular theme idea for the FIRST birthday party of your baby boy is the Royal Prince theme. To be a prince is every little boy’s dream. The baby boy will look no less than a prince with those sharp eyes and royal clothes.

So, go ahead and throw a royal prince themed BIRTHDAY PARTY for him. You can take inspiration from a variety of Disney PRINCE like Prince Charming, Prince Phillip, Aladdin, Prince Eric and many more.

Choose the Prince you like and plan your party accordingly. Design your INVITATION with a royal gold font on the cover of card and on inside the card print the picture of the baby PRINCE.

Dress your LITTLE BOY in the costume based on the prince that you have chosen and ask your guest to dress accordingly to the theme. Your DECORATION should be all about the prince. The venue should be decorated like a royal kingdom. You should provide a royal treat to your guest.

You can offer chocolates packed into customized carry bags with a crown over it. You can also give a magnetic pencil box with Disney prince printed on it.

  • Theme 2: – Dinosaur Theme

Is your child’s birthday around the corner and you’re confused about the theme to follow? Then, the Dinosaur themed party is one of the best options for the birthday celebrations. There’s something about these prehistoric creatures that make the kids go crazy for them. With this theme there is a high possibility that the baby boy and other guests will enjoy the party.

Purchase some crushed paper ( particularly green, orange and brown color), all shades of green silicon balloons, some big plastic dinosaurs and few artificial coconut leaves and flowers from market to decorate the venue. You can also purchase tropical themed paper and line it with ribbon. An excellent idea would be to use wooden blocks for displaying food and goodies

To make your party more interesting you can introduce games like “the fluent dinosaur egg”; for this game you can make eggs with white paper. Another game that can be played is to create your own fossils. You can play this game by providing colorful clay to the kids and ask them to make a dinosaur.

At the end of the party you can give binoculars, tiffin boxes, water canteens with dinosaur print over it as a return gifts to the kids.

  • Theme 3: – Circus Theme For First Birthday

A circus is special kind of entertainment that can be enjoyed by kids and adults too. Circuses basically have a variety of performers that may include acrobats, clowns, jokers, trained animals, musician, hopper, jugglers and other artists who perform different stunts.

Circus can inspire your kid to learn, grow, build strength and coordination with everyone which will add more joy to his life and thus makes it the best theme for the first birthday party.

You can customize your venue according to circus birthday theme. Its very easy to decorate the venue and make the theme interesting. For the entertainment portion of the party, fun games, magic shows or dramatic plays can be conducted this is sure to make the kids happy.

Design your invitation with a picture of a baby dressed as a clown with a big red rubber nose. Invites should have some circus design ask your guests to dressing themselves accordingly.

Also invite a magician to the birthday party for the magic show so that everyone can enjoy and have fun. Prepare your baby’s outfit such that it resembles to the outfit of the circus ring master. Give a big red rubber nose to every kid.

As a return gift you can give wall clock with the print of circus theme and your baby’s name on it, pack some candies and assorted chocolates into a plastic jar and wrap it with a plastic cover having a circus character on it. Make your baby boy’s first birthday party a memorable one.

  • Theme 4: – Jungle Safari Theme

A Jungle safari birthday party is an all-time favorite theme for all and they are specially loved by kids. Lions, monkeys and zebras, oh my! There are so many fun filled ideas that will help to bring a bit of the wild and cute touch to your little ones birthday. With vibrant colors and happy animals adorning every surface, it is sure that every one will enjoy.

With a safari theme party, you can consider hosting the party in your backyard if the  weather and the season is appropriate for an outdoor event or you can also conduct it as an indoor event too. Ask family and friends to bring over a few of their houseplant to help you to add a lush jungle vibe for your indoor event.

Use green, orange and even stripes to decorate the invitations. Invites can have textured craft papers or a pair of binoculars cut out with poster paper and a bit of twine and two holes on each side can also make a fun idea & unique invitation for the safari theme party.

To make the party more interesting order a themed cake that can be decorated with jungle animal flavors and it can even you have mini palm trees and chocolate sprinkles for the jungle floor. Pizza makes a great party food and if you plan on making it on your own for the party guests  then you can use pepperoni, olives, tomatoes and cheese to the little pizza and decorate it to look like a lion or a monkey!

Little guest won’t be able to play many games, but you could have a lot of fun by getting them to interact with various jungle animal plush toys. And ask the little ones to identify which one is the lion and have them mimic the sounds that the lion and other animals make!

The party return gift bags can include a selection of favorite candies, a pair of binoculars, a water canteen, coloring books with nontoxic crayons and paints or you can also give theme blowouts, hats and more.

  • Theme 5: – Mickey Mouse First Birthday Theme

If your child glues himself to the television to watch the ever-popular Disney show Mickey Mouse. Then hosting the mickey mouse birthday party theme would be a great way to make him feel special and loved.

For invites you can go for colorful paper card with a print of mickey mouse on it. To make it more interesting cut the poster band into the shape of mickey mouse, this will give a unique touch to your invitation.

Décor the venue with black, red, yellow and white balloons. You can also make arch of balloons. Bring some colorful papers and cut them into circle and hang it with the help of thread on the wall.

Order a fondant cake with a mickey mouse made of fondant on it. Also have some chocolate or plain cup cakes with sprinkled chocolate on it. And wrap some chocolate candy beautifully in the shape of a Mickey and Minnie. For snacks you can have pan cakes or tie pasta.

As a return gift you can go for milk mug with a print of a mickey mouse on it or a clock in the shape of a mickey face or a Mickey and Minnie photo frame.

There can be many more themes like Pokemon party, Harry potter party, Space party, Modern Elephant party the list goes on and on. Don’t forget to add your love in this party. It marks the completion of a year of your parenthood so this party is special for you too. A lot of warm wishes from our side too. Congrats!!