Baby Shower Theme And Decoration Ideas

A baby shower is a very cheerful occasion celebrated to welcome a new member in the family. The new mom to be is showered with love and blessings by close friends and family members. In India, a baby shower is celebrated in a traditional way but now the new generation wants to try something new too.They celebrate their baby shower ceremony in a traditional way but with a modern touch. So, here we have some wonderful baby shower theme and decoration ideas that you must check out.

  • Rubber Ducky Themed Baby Shower

The childhood bath time memory is itself a cute baby shower theme. You can decorate the venue as per your theme by using plastic duckies or blue curtains or balloons. Also you can have a fondant cake or cupcakes with little duckies on top.

  • Floral Themed Baby Shower

This is a very popular theme. Flowers are used in every party for decoration. So, you could take this as a central theme for your party. You can decorate the venue with many different flowers like rose, jasmine, lily and tulip. These beautiful flowers can also be used to decorate walls and tables. An entrance decorated with pretty flowers will surely grab all attention so don’t forget this one.

  • Ocean Themed Baby Shower

The ocean theme is a good option to choose if you want a calm and peaceful event. For decoration, you can have the surface in a shade of blue, mint green, or even pink. To make the venue look exactly like an ocean, you can prefer silicon balloons which come in different shapes like that of a fish, starfish or other marines creatures. The cake for the theme can also be customized in a fish like shape or blue in color.

  • Jungle Safari Theme

The Jungle safari theme is comparatively easy than other themes. For this theme, you just have to decorate the venue with leaf-shaped cutouts or have balloons in different shades of green. You can also make some thermacol trees and hang  various animal’s soft toys. You can also choose other colors like brown or yellow if you don’t want green.

  • Beach Themed Baby Shower

If you’re a mom who loves summer and beaches then this is the perfect theme for your baby shower. For the perfect beach vibes you can cover all walls and tables in colors like orange, yellow or peach. To make the venue more realistic you can use seashells,stones or sand too.You can also use seashell garlands to welcome your guests.

  • Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Theme

The new mom to be will have a great time with this star theme. So, welcome your tiny lil star with this amazing theme. You can decorate your venue with silver, white or gold colors to give a chic look to the party.

  • Bee Themed Baby Shower

The Bee theme is going to be a trending and popular theme among the youth. This theme includes a lot of vibrant colors that can be used for decoration. Some  colors that you can prefer for your ceremony are yellow, brown, red or orange. To make the ceremony more interesting and unique you can serve honey-flavored snacks or starters.

  • Balloon Themed Baby Shower

This theme sounds too basic for a baby shower but a plenty of baby shower ceremonies revolve around this theme. Balloons are simple yet elegant and make everyone happy so a balloon themed baby shower ceremony is always going to be good idea without a doubt.

  • Space Themed Baby Shower

This is a very unique theme and incorporating astronauts, planets and stars will make the theme more interesting. For this theme, you can decorate the venue with the paper crafts or use plastic balls for planets. You can also customize the cake to give it a space theme.

  • Storybook theme

Many moms love to read different storybooks during their pregnancy. So, you can try this theme for your baby shower too. It is very simple to decorate the venue in this theme. All you have to do is the decorate the venue as per the storybook characters. And we’re sure this unique decoration will be loved by all.

There are many baby shower themes and decoration ideas for an Indian mom  but here we have found some of the most easiest and loved themes for a perfect baby shower ceremony. One thing you need to remember is that the theme and decoration must be according to the new mom’s likes and dislikes. After all she deserves is a break from all the stress and activities and just have fun.