Baby Shower Invitation Ideas

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase in a woman’s life. This is also the time when she transforms from just a woman to a mother. The baby shower ceremony is a part of this phase.

Baby shower ceremony is celebrated for welcoming the new member in the family. Relatives and friends of the forthcoming parents are invited to celebrate the happiness and shower them with love,blessings and gifts.

    In India, the baby shower is commonly known as Godh Bharia. Earlier Godh Bharia ceremony was celebrated in a traditional way. But now people have adopted a modern approach and celebrate it the modern way.

    So here we have some amazing and unique ideas for your baby shower celebration. You can organize the baby shower ceremony in your backyard or in a banquet or in a restaurant. Now the question arises over the theme. Will a theme party be suitable for a baby shower ceremony? Well,the answer is of course,yes!

    Organizing a themed baby shower ceremony will make it more unique and exciting. Here are some themes that you can try the Twinkle Twinkle Little Star theme, Donut Sprinkle theme or Floral Theme. And for more theme ideas you must read Baby Shower Theme and Decoration

    In case you don’t want to go for a theme party then your party can be centered around a particular color. For example, take yellow it’s a classic and all season color. You could also have a customized fondant cake that goes well with the theme. Don’t forget to add some delicious snacks and mocktails!

    Now the big question arises- How to decorate the venue? So, the answer to this is if you opt for a theme party then you can decorate the venue according to the theme. For example, if you have Twinkle Twinkle Little Star theme then you can  decorate the venue with some glitter stars and moon.

    In case if you don’t opt for theme party then you can decorate your venue with some artificial flowers, scented candles or customized balloons. These pretty stuffs will surely make your venue even more beautiful.

    You can also play some cool games to entertainment your guests. Games like Guess the baby food or Balloon baby twister or Ice baby breaker,etc can be enjoyed. If you want to play some more interesting games then check out Baby Shower Game Ideas

    While organizing a baby shower ceremony, invitation plays a very important role. As the invitation is the first step towards the ceremony.

    So, here we have some innovative ideas and ways to design a baby shower invitation…

    • Chocolate Boxes

    You can customize the chocolate box as per your theme along with the invitation card and send them to your guests. Such an invitation will excite them for the ceremony and they will also love your unique way of sending the  invitation. For details about customized chocolate boxes you can go through as they provide all range of chocolate boxes.

    • Goodie Bag Invitation

    This is one innovative way to send an invitation. For this you need to purchase some cute customized goodie bags and put the invitation card inside it with some candies or chocolates. Tie the goodie bags with ribbons to make it more presentable and send it to your guests. This idea will rise a sense of curiosity among your guests to look what’s in the bag.

    • Digital Invite

    Nowadays technology is being used to its full capability. So, if you don’t want to send an invitation manually then you can send it through social media via e-mail or other mediums. You just need to design a page, fill in the details for your baby shower ceremony and then send it to all your friends and relatives. This is a creative and modern idea to invite guests.

    We’d suggest you invest a little time and effort on the invitation as this will help  to set the tone for the rest of your event.