Work Anniversary Gifts- Chocolate Hampers For Corporate Gifting

Corporate gifting is a major part of advertising, promoting, and building relationships with not only the staff members but also the clients, customers, board members and shareholders. They in turn become your company’s ambassadors. The growing gifting choice in this area of gifting are chocolates be it hampers or bouquets. They are seen as personal and inviting to one’s celebration. Chocolates of any kind, when personalized with attractive packaging and personalized logo or caption is deemed as of high standards. 

Hence, chocolates are used for corporate gifting during conferences, trade shows, AGMs, celebratory events like work anniversary, achieving a huge milestone or festivals like Diwali and new year. It is also given during personal achievements and happy moments of employees like when employees receive a promotion, a bonus, or even have something good going on in their personal life. For example, getting married.

These corporate gifts make the workplace more friendly and comfortable as everyone becomes a part of each other’s achievements. It also promotes healthy competition among employees pushing them to work harder.

Corporate gifting helps you to promote your business by adding a logo or a tagline on the corporate chocolate box or wrapper to not only your internal audience but also your external audience.

A celebratory event as big as a work anniversary, calls for sweets and nothing is better than chocolates. Why? There are different types and even sugar-free ones. We at Chocovira not only have over 20 different flavors ranging from the premium – Hazelnut delight, Dried mix fruit to something different like White Unicorn, Berry Berry to a desi twist to chocolate flavors like Choco Pan Masala,etc. If that’s not what you are looking for and already have something in mind, we have you covered. So, it’s not only the chocolate box and the wrapping that you can customize.

Types of Work Anniversary – 

There are two types of work anniversaries – One that has to do with individual employee anniversaries. Appreciating their input, honesty, and hard work towards the firm motivates them to work harder. If not every year, at least once every 2-3 years. 

The second type of  work anniversary is the firm’s or company’s anniversary. A small token of appreciation towards everyone who has helped in building up the company binds all aspects of the business together.

Pricing factor

When it comes to gifting a huge number of people, the cost is a huge factor. Here too we have you covered! You can select the number of chocolates and the type of box you want to gift in. Similarly, the printing and the designing of corporate chocolate hamper is your choice. This way you can cut down on unnecessary costs. Also, we have a wide range of pricing from low to middle to high.

This is because we take bulk orders which help us maintain consistency and operate at low cost, and also provide items at an unparalleled cost.

Types of Corporate Chocolate Gifts

  • Chocolate coated nutty jar

It’s not only the flavor but also the kind of packaging that you go for. Jars containing individual pieces of chocolates seem more personal and the unwrapped ones are more tempting. We offer chocolate coated nuts so, healthy and tasty at the same time.

  • Corporate Chocolate Boxes

Corporate chocolate boxes are preferred over any other type of packaging as they can be personalized on the inside and the outside. The wrapper on each chocolate can carry your company logo and the box can have patterns and designs as per your choice with a caption or a greeting. The corporate chocolate box can be modified into shapes you like and so can the number of pieces. Also, each box can contain greeting cards for a special touch. You can give 4 piece chocolates to employees and a higher number of chocolates for shareholders and board members of the firm.

You can customize your corporate chocolate gift box by including 2 or more different pieces in the same box. This brings in variety and also makes the receiver feel like you are taking care of their liking as not everyone likes all kinds of flavors.

  • The Versatile Corporate Chocolate Hamper

Above all, we have corporate chocolate hampers for you as well. Include different types and textures of chocolates in one place with eye-catching decoration for a beautiful and sophisticated presentation. The variety of chocolates can again be customized according to your requirements, be it flavor or shape.  

  • Chocolate bars and individual chocolate pieces

If you are including chocolates with other corporate gift items and don’t want to include a box or a hamper keeping in mind the budget, you can go for chocolate bars or individual pieces. This way each piece will have a personalized wrapping and not much will be spent on the box or the hamper.

Advantages of gifting corporate chocolates

Corporate gifting has a lot of plus points like –

It builds relationships between the receiver and the presenter. Giving chocolates for your company’s anniversary to your customers will make them feel welcomed into a family. The same goes for employees.

Feeling special will in turn get you more loyal customers and better performance from employees. The same goes for celebrating other occasions like Women’s day. This also indicates your stand against the injustice against women and the positive and safe environment that you build through this gesture.

Moreover, it increases your brand reach. Each person receiving the gift will pass on the information through word of mouth. They may also offer chocolates to their guests. So, it’s not only your immediate clients, employees, or board members enjoying the sweet treat, but also their family members, friends, and guests.