How To Celebrate First Birthday Without Party

Some of the best First Birthday memories of your baby can be made with your family around the dinning table. It is a momentous occasion. Your little baby’s first birthday is full of joy and you want to share the happiness with your all loved ones. You are planning a perfect evening with glitter balloons all around you. But do you really want to splurge on a bash, which your little one won’t even remember? Its all about having a good time with your baby and your family.

You can always throw a party later after the initial years when your baby is likely to not only enjoy but also remember it.

You can always focus on spending quality time with your loved ones. Here are some of the ideas to celebrate the first birthday of your baby without a party.

Check out these amazing ideas for first birthday without party…

  • Vacation Trip

Go for a vacation, and visit a place that is baby friendly such as a hill station or a beach resort. As you know Your baby is going through the sensory stage where he or she would find nature exciting. So, let your kid feel the grass kissing their feet or water flowing down on his hand.

  • Photo Session

You can also arrange a special photo session on your baby’s First BIRTHDAY, as good pictures are loved by everyone. Your baby may not like this now but later while going through the family album he or she would definitely love them. Its just all about memories. Keep some candid photos of your baby with you for the fun.

  • Visit an Orphanage

You can celebrate your baby’s birthday with the kids at the orphanage, distribute some pastries and snacks among them, play some music and dance with them, give them a bunch of balloons spend and some time with them. Ask them to show the talents that they have and play some games with them. As return gifts you can give reading books, story books, drawing books, paints, pastel colors, water canteens, and some chocolate boxes and candies as token of love form your side.

  • Just Cut the Cake and Celebrate

A cake doesn’t need a special party. You can get a personalized cake and just play a birthday song and see how your baby tries to blow out the candles. You can record this moment in your mobile phone.

  • Dinner and Lunch Plans

Take your child to a restaurant and don’t forget to ask the manager to have the staff sing “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” to your baby.

There are many other option to explore like, cooking your baby a home cooked meal.

At the end of the day, it’s all about spending a nice and cozy day with your loved ones.