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The Wedding season is here and so is the concern about a good wedding invitation and gifts. Considering the pandemic, we understand that it is not possible for anyone to shop so much, that too with so short time in hand. 

Online ordering and minimal contact delivery is the way to go today. Every company today is religiously following this mantra. And if it’s working for them it will for your wedding invitations too. But how?  

*Minimum order 100 pieces 

Now you might wonder “Why chocolates?” Indian sweets are a tradition and have been forever. Yes, we agree but citing the circumstances all over the country, delivering sweets to each and every relative can be quite a headache with all the other arrangements that are required to be made. This is especially true when you have relatives in different parts of the country. Sure one sweet shop won’t be able to deliver everywhere in India without the items going bad.

Also sweets have a lower shelf life than chocolates. But with chocolates you can store it for quite a few weeks even after it gets delivered which takes a day or two, depending on where you stay.

Lastly and the most important point, with Chocovira chocolates you can customize the packaging, include a card, include items other than chocolates and get your own chocolate flavor.

Yes! You can literally ‘make your own’ chocolate flavor. We at Chocovira offer over 20 varieties of chocolates from dark to milk and fusion flavors, but if you have something specific in your mind, then we will make it for you. It’s your day after all! 

Talking about customization, we offer more than boxes. We deliver excitement and happiness in different ways and styles…

  • One we is have the classic box shaped packaging. There are different sizes of the same, so you can order according to your requirements. Also there are sub-styles of boxes. You can have a classic lid one, drawer or one which can be carried like a handbag. The size will determine the number of pieces it can carry, also you can include other things like masala makhana (fox nuts), masala kaju (a dry fruit), chocolate dipped nuts and other edibles.
  • Second type is individual chocolates. These are best when you have to give other things as well, like some clothing, silver cutlery etc. You can add a few of the individual chocolate items into the bag and let it be an extra item. You don’t have to spend a lot yet the gift bag feels full. This way aside from the gifts for the elder, there will be something also for the kids.

Individual pieces are very useful for welcome packages for guests at a wedding. To know what to include in such packages and how chocolates can be helpful read – Best Welcome Gifts Ideas For Wedding Guests-Outstation or In town

  • Third type is a perfect mix of classy and fun, jar chocolates. They can be wrapped or not to make it more tempting. Moreover the lid of the jar with the wrapped chocolates can be personalized. On the lid you can have the names of the people receiving it like “Vishal and family” for example. Also the chocolate jars can be decorated with ribbons or stickers.  
  • Lastly are the chocolate hampers. This can include all the items mentioned above along with other gifts important for Indian wedding rituals. Being massive it is best to book this for the immediate family members.
    Hampers have to be massive and eye catching and we make sure of it. 

Reading this you might be wondering about what you can give in a wedding invitation hamper that can be used by the receiver and will add that extra touch of specialness. Also the gift has to be within your budget right? Give a read to 10 Offbeat gift ideas to pair up with your wedding invites! for amazing Ideas on gifts to send to your relatives with your Wedding Invitations With Chocolates.


We know and understand that weddings, especially Indian weddings are big and fat, that’s one of its specialties. Hence, the expenditure on the same is also quite on a large scale. The gift of wedding invitations might seem like an extra burden, but is an integral part of the wedding functions. Keeping you and your budget in mind we have a wide range of prices, ranging from 2 digit to 4 digit numbers.  

If you are confused then we can help you in sugesting the best options for Wedding Invitations With Chocolates on or +919696156156 for assistance from our experts.

So what are you waiting for? Head to Chocovira to sort your flavours, choose a package and place an order now!