Unique Ideas for Baby Announcements Gifts for Office Colleagues

The birth of a child is not only a big life moment for the mother but also for the entire family. The family gets prepared to welcome the new baby and their lives will change tremendously. The baby will fill the family with hope and love and tie the family together. Apart from family and friends, employees are also eagerly waiting to see the little baby. Breaking the news to your office colleagues, friends and boss is important as they do hold a part of your life. There are many ways to break the wonderful news of your Baby Announcements to your Office Colleagues & boss. 

Some of the innovative and exciting ideas for Baby announcements gifts for office colleagues & bosses are as follows

1. Chocolate gifts to announce your baby to your office colleagues

Chocolate is an amazing way to break the news to colleagues. This sweet, rich gift is sure to complement the sweet news to your co-workers. Personalized chocolate boxes are a great idea when it comes to gifting office friends. These boxes come with two to four chocolates inside them.

The chocolate box can be customized based on the customer’s preference. Parents can choose from a wide range of delicious flavors. Parents can even print the photo of their baby on the wrappers of the chocolate. One great advantage of gifting coworkers a chocolate box is that it doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. www.chocovira.in specializes in gifting office employees.

Another option is, you can place customized chocolate pieces/chocolate bars with your message/name of your baby in a decorated tray on your desk. Colleagues passing by your desk can pick chocolates from it and get the good news.

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Baby Announcement Chocolates
Baby Boy Announcement with Baby Name and message

2. Pen

A pen is a  great gift to give your co-workers as baby announcements gifts for office colleagues, to mark an important life event can be a stylish and elegant pen. There are many great options when it comes to gifting a pen. Some of the options include a fountain pen, rollerball pen, or even an ink pen. To personalize this gift you could inscribe the name of your baby on it. This is a thoughtful and handy gift to give to your employers.

3. Sweets

Another great gift to give to your office friends could be sweets. This is a fun and very traditional idea and not to mention it is also incredibly delightful. You can keep a huge box of sweet on your desk, and people coming by can have it from it. 

4. Paperweight

A paperweight is a handy tool that can be used in office space. This is also a great idea to give to your office mates as a gift, for the birth of a baby. There are many ways you can personalize this gift. You can write the name of your baby at the bottom or you can add a photo inside the paperweight. You can also print a three-dimensional picture of the baby inside the glass. The possibilities are endless. There are also immense design options.

5. Chocolate Hampers

No one gets tired of chocolate. This sweet dish was once known as the “Food of the  Gods”, so it is only apt to distribute it on special occasions like this. Chocolate hampers contain a wide assortment of chocolates, not only chocolates but also contains baked goods such as chocolate cookies, chocolate cakes, brownies. This is a great way to surprise your office friends with big news.

You can place the hampers on the desk of your colleagues & boss early in the morning or simply handover them personally.

Baby Announcement Chocolate Hampers.

6. Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a great way to spread the joy of the newborn baby. Each employee can get a cupcake. The icing can be personalized according to the parents. The name of the baby can be written on the frosting. This sweet treat is sure to make the moment even sweeter.

7. Personalized stationery

Another great and incredibly useful gift for the office can be personalized stationery such as books, diaries, calendars, or a small notepad. They can be customized by inscribing the name of the baby Or by having a few pictures of the little angel.

Announcing the birth of your baby to your co-workers and boss is a cherishable moment. You are sharing the joy among your friends, These ideas are sure to make your announcement more memorable.