5 Highly Recommended Baby Girl Announcement Gifts by Everyone

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a family. It is when a family gets ready to welcome a newborn baby into their life. Babies bring about so much happiness and love, These newborns can make you forget all the troubles in the world maybe that is why they are called “Bundles of Joy”. A family, when blessed with a baby girl, knows how much their life is going to change. This little baby girl is sure to steal our hearts with his cute face and invigorating smile. So we have made a list of 5 Highly Recommended Baby Girl Announcement Gifts by Everyone. 

Announcing this news to family and friends is truly a memorable and happy moment. This moment can be made even more special when the announcement is done in a unique and special way.

Given below are a few innovative gift ideas for Baby Girl Announcement

1. Baby Girl Announcement Chocolate Boxes

Chocolate was known as “food of the Gods” in the ancient Mayan civilization. This highly coveted treat was once used as a form of currency, This was a treat only meant for royalty. So what better way to announce the birth of your baby girl than with a delicious bar of chocolate. Chocolate can be gifted to friends, family, and well-wishers when you are announcing the sweet news of the birth of your baby girl. There are many innovative ways to incorporate chocolate such as chocolate boxes, chocolate hampers, and artisanal chocolates.

Chocolate boxes are a great way of announcing good & exciting news. Friends, family, and well-wishers will be delightfully surprised to see this special treat while hearing the good news. These boxes can be customized based on your interest. The parents can opt to put the picture of the baby girl on the cover, they can also customize the wrappers in which the chocolate is wrapped. These wrappers can have the name of the baby girl or a beautiful picture of the girl. Parents can also choose the different chocolate flavors that are placed in the box. 

We have a variety of options available for you which can be customized as per your budget & quantity. Pro tip – Ask for a bulk discount while placing the order now!

Baby Girl Announcement Chocolate Gift Boxes
Baby Girl Announcement Chocolate Boxes

2. Cake pops for baby announcements

Everyone loves cake, So bite-sized cakey treats are a great gifting option. These delicious cake bites are compact and appetizing. cake pops are made by taking pieces of cake and rolling them into a circular shape. This is then dipped in melted chocolate and it is attached to a popsicle stick. It resembles a lollipop but it is even better since its a tasty cake. A great option would be gifting a bouquet of cake pops. This is when the cake pops are made in the shape of flowers (generally rose) and they are arranged in the form of a bouquet. This is a new and exciting option and is sure to make your friends and family members delightfully surprised. 

4. Cookies.

The sweet delicious cookie, which is crunchy on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside is a great treat. This may seem like a basic option but there are so many ways to jazz it up. There are options to spell out the girl’s name with the frosting on the cookies or parents can opt to write the entire name on the cookie. Parents can select the flavor of the cookie such as chocolate chip, peanut butter, red velvet, sugar biscuits. These biscuits are then topped off with icing. The icing can be selected from an array of blue shades to announce the birth of a baby girl. These cookies can be in the shape of a baby bottle or an onesie or just a classic heart shape cookie. This sweet gesture is sure to wow your friends.

4. Baby Girl Birth Announcement Chocolate Hampers

We can never get enough of chocolate. This rich, intense flavor has an amazing taste and it is present in many baked goods such as cakes, cookies, brownies, etc. Chocolate hampers for baby announcements are a great gifting idea, These hampers can contain all chocolate goodies such as chocolates, chocolate cookies, Almond Rocks, Florentines, English Brittles, etc. Along with the treats, a personalized card with the picture of the baby girl will be included along with the name. To personalize the chocolate hamper, The birth announcement hamper can be wrapped in perfect pink packaging, with a picture of the baby girl on the cover.

Baby Girl Birth Announcement Chocolate Hampers
Girl Birth Announcement Chocolate Hampers

You can find various options for baby girl announcement hampers here.

5. Tea Hampers

If you have an elite club to give a gift, you can choose to give Tea hampers. These are something unique & people love the aroma. You can add few chocolates & scented candles along with these Tea hampers for Baby girl birth announcements.

Announcing the birth of a baby girl is always a wonderful moment in one’s life. Sharing the joy and love between friends and family only makes the moment sweeter. These innovative ideas are sure to make lifelong memories that will be cherished.