Chocolate Gifts For Graduation And Entrance Exam Clearance

It’s always a special occasion when anyone in the family, tuition or friends circle excels in the field of academy, and it definitely calls for a celebration and gifts. Gifting things like books might not be a good idea as everyone has a different choice and you might not be familiar with it. Plus it’s too common and expected. Graduation or clearing an exam is big news,a news enough to celebrate with something sweet so why not go for chocolates?

Chocolate gift boxes are liked by everyone and can be personalized in many ways. We at Chocovira have a bundle flavor options for you to choose from. We offer 20+ flavors and if you want to go for a different flavor we can personalize it for you. There are many delicious chocolates that will be a good gift. Another way of personalizing your chocolate gift box is that you can add your choice of colour, sign or logo and message to it, in the style you like. You can have a logo on the outside of a chocolate box and the message inside or do the same with a chocolate jar. You can also add a tag instead of writing something on the box.

Aside from all this, we know that budget might be a concern, but with us you don’t have to worry. We take bulk orders which directly brings down the overall cost for you. Also we have a variety in price range. Depending on the number of prices and the design of the packaging we have chocolate gifts from 2 digit numbers to 4 digit numbers.

Over and above you can add different flavors into one box to please everyone you gift as not everyone might like a particular flavor. This flexibility of pleasing everyone who receives a gift cannot be found in every gift that you want to put on the table.  

Now that you know everything about us, let’s jump into the dynamic range of packaging we offer.

  • The first type of packaging is chocolate boxes. They are quite common and there are reasons behind it. You can modify the shape and the amount each one will hold, hence, you know where your money is put. You can shape them in any way you want to, you can also modify it to look like a book for some prank!
Chocolate Gifts for Graduation
  • A second way to package your chocolate gift is chocolate jars. Individual pieces of the chocolate will be put into the jar. The logo or a message can be printed in the lid or can be printed on a tag. It is a sweet little gift for your talented achievers.
  • The third type are individual pieces of chocolates or candy bars. Each student can take a handful from the bag you present to them or you can just hand over a few as they enjoy their special day. You can all add this with other gifts that you might consider giving.
Gifts for Graduation
  • Lastly you can include all the above mentioned into one big chocolate hamper. Such type is versatile not only in flavour but also in look. It is very much tempting and grand visually.
Graduation Gifts

Exams are hard on everyone be it the toppers, average or below average students. Hence, it’s not only the toppers who should receive a gift, it’s everyone. It becomes a symbol for students. They feel it is you telling them to keep it up and work harder at the same time. Yes, you might give a hamper to the toppers because they have really worked hard and a chocolate box to others. But celebrating each and every achievement is important.