Chocolate gifts for Navratri/ Dushhera Celebration At Office

Celebrated all over India across all cultures for 9 days is the holy festival of Navratri. Being so culturally diverse, different parts of India has a different way of celebrating it. Although one thing is common – nine days of fun, dance, celebration and gifts. Celebrated in offices and other workplaces, Navratri ends with a huge celebration often with a night of party and dancing. Offices hand a bonus or a gift as a token of appreciation to its staff members and other important faces of the business like the board members, clients and partners.

Being a traditional 10 day celebration it is important to give something according to the occasion, but it is equally difficult to choose one. Swag gifts although still a good choice of gift they are quite common and just lie in the house of the recipient. Thus, gifting something that is actually useful is important. Gifts are not only a way to express gratitude towards everyone but also sends a message of care. Over and above it increases loyalty towards the business. 

A simple gift that has widely gained acceptance and is growing demand is chocolates. This is because chocolate gifts can be highly personalized and are inexpensive gifts. Also chocolates as gifts are highly sophisticated as they are mostly hand made.

Here at Chocovira you can get high quality, personalized handmade chocolates at pocket friendly prices, as the price range of the chocolates vary from two digit numbers to four digit numbers. This is because we offer a variety of flavors and packaging choices that can be modified according to your requirements. Moreover it’s not only the packaging that you can modify, it’s also the flavors.

We offer over 20 flavors like Roasted Almonds, Klassic Kashew Kisses, Hazelnut Delight and many more. But if you have anything else in mind we can personalize it for you. Furthermore you can add your personal touch to your chocolate gift like add a card with your company logo or a wish or both. Chocolate boxes, hampers and jars can be personalized in a similar way.   

Now that the price issue is taken into consideration and solved, let’s look into the type of packaging you can opt for…

  • For Navratri chocolate gifting the first choice you have are chocolate boxes. A box is very exciting even for grownups. The temptation of knowing what surprise is hidden under the lid is unparalleled. Moreover, the recipients will probably be opening the box at home with other family members and if there are children in the family the excitement is even more.

You can go for a four piece chocolate box decorated with red color as it goes with the occasion. Apart from the typical lid box we also offer other kinds like a sliding one. You can also modify the chocolate box as you please. The number of compartments that hold each piece can also be increased or decreased to suit your budget.

  • The second type is chocolate jars. They can either be gifted individually or paired with other items. Add a logo on the lid or the jar or a tag with each person’s. If not on the lid, add a logo or a heartfelt wish on the wrappers of each individual chocolates and you have a good corporate gift that can be reused by the recipient at home.
  • Individual chocolate pieces or bars are a great choice if you have a low budget or are low key celebrating Navratri. You can put a few pieces on each employee’s desk first thing in the morning. This way when they reach the office they have a good surprise on their desk. This will not only bring a smile on their face but also motivate them to work harder.
  • Last but not the least is corporate chocolate hampers. You can add all the different types mentioned above for a grand piece or go for a basket hamper. Remember to modify them in a way they can be easily carried. As it might be difficult for those who travel by public transport. It’s better to have each one delivered to their homes. 

It is very important to consider the position of the person at the office. Even if you have a low budget, giving individual pieces to seniors might not be a good idea. If not a huge 6 or 10 piece box, you can opt for a simple 4 piece box. A logo on top of the box and a simple wish inside the box will be more than enough. Also it won’t cost you much as we at Chocovira take bulk orders which reduce the price of the end product considerably.

Celebrating festivals no matter the culture makes the workplace more diverse and a safer environment. Inclusive environment always strives towards success as the employees are motivated and don’t feel neglected in any way. Culture is a major part of anyone’s life and embracing each and everyone’s culture at the office makes them feel at home. Also, why leave any chance to celebrate, be happy and share sweetness.