Housewarming Party- Chocolates Gifting For Guests

You can’t find enough reasons to celebrate in life with your loved once and home is a perfect place to do so. It is a place of comfort and at the end of the day, home is the place you come back to. Thus, when you buy a new house, a housewarming party with everyone is fun and brings joy and best wishes. Laughter and togetherness is a perfect way of starting a new chapter in once life. Without a doubt, parties call for a gift and also return gifts as a gesture of gratitude.

Gifts for the hosts include many items that they can use at home or stuff they can keep as a showpiece. But it is really difficult to find something that all your guests like not matter their age and gender. Also the return gift has to be within a budget frame as the cost of house and the party had to be a lot. Also during planning everything it is next to impossible to shop at malls or stores and you never know the correct quality of materials when you shop online. The main is to get something that pleases everyone at a pocket friendly cost which is also of high quality.

That something you are looking for is chocolates, it is liked by almost everyone and is available in sugar free, dark or milk chocolate base as well. You can easily add or remove components as per your requirements and your budget. With us you can also select or make your own chocolate flavor. Yes, you heard it right!

Aside from the 20+ flavors of chocolates that we offer you can add your own special touch or have your very own chocolate flavor for the guests at your housewarming party. This way you can please everyone by including different flavors within each packaging. So, if someone doesn’t like dark chocolate for instance, they will have other choices.  

A major part of a gift or any item for that matter is its wrapping or the container it comes in. Simple, sober and subtle is the new trend right now, so how do you achieve that? Well, we suggest to go with the colour theme of your party or the colour which is then in trend. Although neon or way too bright colours should be avoided. Also wrapper paper has slowly grown out of fashion.

A beautifully decorated chocolate box or a chocolate hamper with a note and decoration is enough to say it all. Any of the packaging be it a box, a hamper, individual chocolate pieces and bars or jars can be easily personalized, and not only in relation to the looks but also the amount of chocolates it will hold. So if you are planning to give chocolate boxes you can opt for boxes that hold 4 pieces each or 10 pieces each. Even the shape of the box can be modified into a flip box or one which looks like a bag.

So, what type of customized item should you go for that fits your budget and looks gorgeous? We have a quite a styles and you can choose from what’s right for you –

  •  Firstly we have the chocolate boxes which we also mentioned above. Mould it in any way you like and add a logo maybe of a house or anything else you like on the outside of the box and a thank you note on the inside. Make it as small or as large as you wish keeping in mind the number of pieces each will hold.
  • The second choice you have is chocolate jars. They are cute and fit inside your pocket (literally and also budget wise). Each piece in the jar can be individually wrapped or not. Either way it looks great. Also jars can be reused by the receiver for any purpose they deem fit. You can add a logo on the outer part of the lid or if you have decided to wrap each individual chocolate the logo can be added there as well. If you don’t like any of these ideas, go for a tag that will be tied to a string and attached to the jar. It can have logo on one side and thank you wishes or names of the receiver on the other.  
  • Third type is individual chocolate pieces or bars. Again each wrapped with any message you like over any design or colour. It is perfect if you are gifting other small items with it which can be put into a bag. Or you can just put them in bowls at different places in your house so that anyone can pick a few whenever they like.
  • Lastly we have hampers. Here you have 2 ways to design your return gift. You can either go for an all chocolate hamper where you can include boxes, jars and individual pieces. Or you can add other items along with the chocolates. Hampers are great for gifts that are medium or large in size and do not fit into a bag that can be comfortably carried around.

As mentioned above, we understand that budget is a major part of gifting, hence, we have a wide range in prices. From low to high we have everything for you. Also we believe in consistency, so, we take bulk orders for everyone at your party to receive the same kind of gift. Only the best, and nothing else.   

We believe that business stands on an honest foundation between the company and the customers, and that’s why everything from the flavor to the delivery of the items, everything is chosen by you. Just let us know your requirements and will have everything done for you. Also if you are confused about anything, we are happy to help.