Chocolates for Valentine’s Day – Corporate Gift Ideas

Valentine’s Day of love, support and happiness. It is not only for your better half, girlfriend or boyfriend, but for anyone you love be it your parents, friends or even employees. Yes, you can express your gratitude and a hand of support to your employees and board members on this very special day by means of chocolates as corporate gifts. After all, the firm runs on every one of their backs.

Chocolates are a kind of cliché cum classic gift for Valentine’s Day. Almost all chocolate companies come up with a special edition or version of their chocolate items for this event. Well, it is not only one day that gets the sales running. Valentine’s Day is celebrated a whole week which includes chocolate day as well. According to Business Standard, in 2014 the market income for Valentine’s week was Rs. 16,000 crore (Yes it included other typical Valentine’s Day gifts too).

Chocolate is one gift that can be gifted to anyone irrespective of their age, gender or what position they hold in your life. Chocolate is loved by almost everyone and is a subtle way of saying that you appreciate a person’s presence in your life, be it work or personal life. Also the inclination towards personalized gifts are taking pace and chocolates are definitely the way to go. They can be made the way you want and within your budget. We at Chocovira help you to personalize not only the gift but also the chocolate flavor. So, you will have full control over the gift you will be gifting.

While there are many people you can give to during this week, we will be focusing on the workforce. The people who help you run your company and support it through thick and thin, also the people closely related to your business and your brand image.

  • Firstly are the employees. Everyone from the clerk staff to a senior employee spend half of their day in the office and deserve appreciation. For each person you can have any of the following – a box of chocolates, hamper, jar of nut coated chocolates or chocolate pieces, chocolate bars. The specialty of each kind is discussed below.
  • The second most important includes the shareholders and the board members of the company. They bring in a lot of credibility to the company and hence require special treatment. A huge part of brand image depends on them. It is suggested to gift them a hamper or, if you have a low budget a box of chocolates as a corporate gift will be good. Single chocolate pieces in a jar will also be a decent gift but not loose pieces or bars.
  • Lastly are the sponsors and the companies that collaborate with you. To improve your brand image and reach you can also gift doctors, NGOs and other such institutions. People in these institutions help our society to run smoothly, and a little appreciation can go a long way. Here too try going for corporate chocolate boxes and hampers than individual pieces.   
  • If you wish you can also gift your top customers and clients for a better customer- brand relationship.

Now that you know who to gift chocolates in your company, let’s discuss how to gift it. Packaging is a part of the whole experience as it is the first impression. Shabby and unclear messages can flip the tables against you. Keep the chocolate packaging according to the theme and the receiving party.

For the first two groups mentioned above, there can be a message card that says “Thank you for all the hard work that you put in. Here is a token of appreciation” or “It is love and commitment that keeps everything going. And all this has been put in by you to keep this company going. Thank you for all the effort.”

For the third group you can have a card saying “Thank you for your services day in and day out.” Be clear about what you really want to say. Now, let’s get to packaging. As mentioned above chocolate gifts can be packed differently for different groups as each serves different purposes.

So here are some ways to do so –

  • Corporate chocolate boxes are a very popular way to package and gift chocolates to anyone. It can not only be modified from the outside but also from the inside. Also you can personalize the very wrapping of the chocolate, that is, the first cover. The plus point here is that you will not have to spend that extra penny on a card or a written note. Another upside is that you can change the shape of the chocolate box as per your requirement and the number of pieces you want to include in each box.
Valnetine's Day Gifts for Employees
  • The second way to up your chocolate gifting game is through chocolate jars. They have a perfect mix of personal and professional touch. Having a transparent view, the receiver will develop some kind of excitement even before opening it. Also jars can be reused by the person who receives it.
Gifts for stakeholders and board members
  • Another way of gifting your colleagues’ chocolates is by giving individual pieces. This is highly recommended if you have a small budget, or want to celebrate low key Valentine’s Day at your work place, or are including it with other items. Similarly you can also go for chocolate bars. Again, you can customize the wrapper of the chocolate pieces and bars.
  • Lastly you can go for chocolate hampers. Being a gift in itself, you don’t have to include items other than chocolates and all the other types mentioned above can be included in the hamper to make it look grander. The entire packaging including the chocolate hamper base can be personalized. Hampers can also be built within a basket with some decorative items.

Why Chocovira?

Now you might be thinking why Chocovira? What is our USP that differentiates us from other brands?

So, as mentioned above we not only personalize the packaging but also the flavors. We do offer over 20 flavors of chocolates, but in case you have something that you have already thought of, we can do that too.

Over and above, our prices are unparalleled. We take bulk order which effectively bring down the final price of the chocolate product.

 Chocolates are simple and elegant gifts to be presented to anyone at any occasion. It can be highly personalized according to your requirements without burning a hole in your pocket.