Christmas and New Year Gifting-Chocolates for Corporate Gifting

The 2 most important occasions of the year that the world waits for as soon as we cross them are Christmas and New Year. The winters call for family time, drinks and hot chocolate, not only for the kids, but for everyone.

Celebrated at the work place too, this time of the year can be a little tight on the pockets as exchanging gifts is a major part of the celebration. So, taking into consideration the close distance between the so major holidays, you have to choose something that goes with the feel of both and is liked by all. Food items are something that can be used by everyone and not just sit in the closet. Here too you have to think of a particular item that can be consumed by almost everyone and is not very expensive.

Sweet items are usually loved by everyone and chocolates are one of those. Chocolates as corporate gifts are gaining trend due to their sophistication and pocket friendly nature. We at Chocovira offer more than this, not only we offer affordable chocolates, they are personalized too. We personalize chocolates in 2 ways

  1. We personalize the packaging of the chocolates including the wrapper. You can add your company’s logo, some kind of wish and/or caption, or anything you like.
  2. Secondly we personalize the flavour of the chocolates for you. Also it’s not only us who personalize the chocolates, you can do it too. We offer over 20 chocolates and if you don’t like any of those you can easily make one for yourself.
Christmas Gifts for employees
Corporate Christmas Gifts

As mentioned above, we have low price tags on all our products and that’s because we take bulk orders which reduces the overall making cost and thus affects the end product. Also you can select the number of pieces and the type of packaging from the many combinations that we offer.

Now naturally you would like to know the types of packaging we offer. Each one that we offer has been created keeping in mind the various requirements that the customers have and they can be personalized, both flavour and packaging wise.

Types of Packaging for Christmas Gifting

  • The first type we offer are corporate chocolate boxes. This type of gift boxes can be personalized two ways in packaging – (a) You can add a logo on the main packaging of the chocolate, that is, the wrapper that covers the chocolate. We suggest logos because the writing will be too small. (b) You can personalize the box that too on the inside and also on the outside. Add hues to the background according to the situation. Like for Christmas you can have a red background with white caption or logo, or you can have it printed with a Christmas tree on a white background.

Chocolate boxes can be modified into different shapes and sizes also. You can have a simple flip chocolate gift box, a drawer shaped one, or a carry box type. There are more options available on our site for you to check out and decide. The size can also be modified according to your requirements. Moreover, you can have different flavors in a simple box to make it more versatile.

Christmas Gifts
Corporate Christmas Chocolate Gifts
  • The second type we offer are chocolate jars. Jars as corporate gifts are inexpensive and highly recommended. They are transparent and give a sense of care as they are highly personalized. You can add tags with each person’s name on them to heighten that sense.
  • The third type is individual chocolate pieces and bars. If you have a low budget these two types of gifts are perfect. It is also ideal for small business. The employees will feel cared for even if the gift is small as they will appreciate the gesture. It is all about celebrating small events as these will bring everyone together.


  • Chocolate hampers can include everything mentioned above, from individual chocolates to multiple jars or boxes. Hampers can be beautified with decorative items and each item within the hamper can also be modified.

These simple gifts can be a great way of bonding and building employee relations and loyalty. Also everyone can share these Christmas and New Year chocolate gifts with their family members.  

With us you only have to give us your thoughts on your gift type. If you are confused we will help you through the process. All our chocolates are handmade and retain the highest level of quality, our flavors and packaging can be modified as mentioned above so that you can be fully satisfied with your end product. Delivering all over India we keep in mind that all items are well sanitized and delivered safe.

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