Corporate Chocolate Gifts For Holi Celebration

Festivals are a part of any culture and India is known for its numerous cultures has numerous festivals. More importantly, festivals are celebrated with not only the family members but also the extended family members. This branch includes the work family too. Celebration with everyone adds that extra fun, colour and sparkle, and no one visits anyone empty handed on festivals in India. This is also applicable for the festival of Holi, a festival of colours and symbolic of victory of good over evil.

Festival calls for holidays, hence, Holi is usually celebrated a day before at work places. Now, if you are an employer, the cost of gifts might be very high as corporate gifts are not only for employees but also shareholders, board members, clients, and sometimes even potential clients.

Another concern while choosing gifts for a considerable amount of people is that everyone should like what they are getting and it should be of use to them. If not, it stays in the cupboard only catching dust. Also most corporate gifts like company brand mugs, diaries or pens are highly common and boring. Most of the people have tons of these items which they can’t pass down and are just piling up. You also have to take into consideration that gifts are according to the position of that particular person in the company. Something given to a newbie cannot be presented to a board member. Why so? Gifts are also a token of appreciation for that person’s work, and naturally a board member has more responsibilities and has worked more towards the company than the newbie. So, how do you solve the above problem? Get something that is universally liked by everyone and can be modified according to your requirements.

That something is chocolates. It is liked by almost everyone and there are various ways you can present it to make it look more sophisticated and professional. You can add or remove the number of pieces according to your budget needs.

We at Chocovira have all your concerns, answers and needs covered. Not only can you specialize your corporate chocolates with us but also personalize your own flavors to over and above that 20 different flavors we offer. There are also different ways you can present these simple gifts to make it look grand.

  • You can go for the old- is-gold mantra and opt for boxes. The boxes can be modified your way you want and can be made your way to hold as many pieces as you want. The boxes can be further customized with logo prints of your company and Holi wishes. You can have different flavors in one box or can go with a single flavor.
  • Another way of gifting Holi corporate chocolates is by presenting chocolate jars. Being transparent they induce a feeling of temptation and excitement in the receiver. The jars can be personalized by having a Logo on the lid or around the circumference of the jar. Another way is that the jar can be left alone and the chocolates can be packed with the wishes printed on the packaging.
  • We also have chocolate gift hampers. Hampers are a little similar to boxes, they can have different flavors together on one base. With hampers there is an added advantage of including different shapes which is usually not possible with boxes. Plus hampers can include boxes and jars with beautiful decorations.
  • Lastly, if you have a small budget you can give individual pieces of chocolates or chocolate bars to your employees with the company logo on each.

Indian sweets are high on sugar and are usually just passed on. Moreover not everyone likes a particular type of sweet. With chocolates you can personalize it into sugar free ones and can have different flavors to please the large audience.

Moreover, price factor is something that you need not worry about. Prices range from two digits to four digits with high quality standards. We also help you with color selection of the gift box to go with the theme and your logo.

Quality, quantity and price – we offer all that with sophistication and love.