Republic and Independence Day Chocolates for Corporate Gifting

Celebrating patriotic events like Independence Day (15th of August) and Republic Day (26th of January) and reminds us about our past and the hardships of those freedom fighters without whom you wouldn’t be reading this article right now. We got freedom from foreign rule and our constitution came into existence making us the largest democratic country on the above mentioned dates respectively. Celebrated all over the country and even in schools and offices, these two days are days of pride and happiness. Talking about offices, they usually give small gifts like a flag or a bag batch to celebrate such events and induce confidence and loyalty towards the country into everyone.

Instead of giving flags for such occasions, offices have somewhat changed to more usable items and have also tried to make gifts quirky and intelligent. Such gifts require mass ordering as it to not only given to board members or shareholders but also employees, clients and potential clients. Thus, burning a whole in the pocket is always a concern. Well, it’s not important to give expensive gifts. Simple handmade gifts are a gesture of love and oneness which is highly valued by the world from the companies. Further, there are thousands of handmade gifts in the market and everyone has different choices. So, what to select and how to select?

  • Our first suggestion is go for something that is universally liked by people. Like chocolates. The upside here is that chocolates can be further customized into dark or milk chocolates or added with nuts.
  • Secondly select something that can be personalized, thus, defining the occasion perfectly. Also personalized corporate gifts can be a window for advertising and marketing as it is not only reaching your immediate work family but also friends and family members of each who receive them.

Personalizing corporate chocolates rangers from flavours to type of packaging here at Chocovira. Accordingly your price can be set by manipulating the types of chocolate and packaging.

Taking into the consideration the above mentioned quirky gift items, it is not necessary that only swag gifts (,as%20a%20form%20of%20advertising.) can be quirky yet sophisticated.

  • You can have great words said by freedom fighters on the corporate chocolate boxes or bags for Independence Day. Similarly for Republic Day you can have boxes that seem like the constitution. The outer position of the lid can have it printed. Your company’s logo can be printed on each individual piece. This is one example of packaging chocolates for corporate gifts. Boxes can be modified according to your budget in terms of shape and the number of chocolates they hold.

There are few other ways you can package your chocolate gifts like –

  • Including different flavours and textures together in a hamper will make the gift more versatile. It also shows that the company cares about the receiver of the gift as it is not important that they will like the one chocolate that you give.  
  • If you don’t have a huge budget you can definitely try corporate chocolate bars. Again personalized according to your requirements. You can also make your own flavour over and above all the 20 plus flavours we offer.
  • If a chocolate bar is not the way you want to go, and are still worried about budget you can go for individual pieces. This will not cost you much and can have the logo of your company or any other message on each piece.
  • Jars are yet another way of gifting that is growing in popularity for gifting chocolate or any other sweet item. You can have your logo on each piece and personalize the jar according to the occasion be it Republic Day or Independence Day, or vice versa.

Now you must be wondering why Chocovira?

Well, it’s not just the packaging we personalize for you but, as mentioned above we also personalize flavors. This means you can easily choose a flavour which you like but is not in our menu and you have to worry no more.

Above all we have prices ranging from 2 digits to 4 digits which covers all your needs without compromising the quality of the chocolate or the packaging. Also you don’t have to worry about where your office is, we deliver all over India. 

So, celebrate this Independence and Republic Day with something sweet and share it in the spirit of freedom.