What Is Corporate Gifting? What Is The Importance Of Corporate Gifting?

Corporate gifting is a great way to interact and form a bond with your employees and clients. You can also brand your company by placing the company logo on the gifts or by placing the logo on the packaging.

Corporate gifts are a great way to appreciate your client’s and employee’s hard work in a thoughtful and genuine way. Giving a gift to your client makes them feel cared for this strengthens the client-employee relationship.

What is the importance of Corporate Gifting?

  • A Token Of Appreciation

One of the main reasons companies send out gifts for their clients is to show appreciation and encourage them. The business world is slowly becoming more competitive day by day and each business is trying to win over its clients. The business world has many rivals, these businesses try to win over their rivals with employee satisfaction. Sending these gifts to our clients on special occasions is simply to appreciate them for their commendable work. They are also thanking their clients for choosing your company even though there are many other companies offering similar services.

  •  Providing Assurance

Gifting a client or an employee is a way of providing assurance between them. A gift uplifts employees and clients’ spirits. It is to highlight their hard work or to highlight any special occasion. A gift sets a tone to encourage their hard work and to also make the workplace into a friendly environment. This is a great way to ensure trust between employees and clients.

  •  Improves Work Culture

In many cultures, gifting is a way to commemorate special events, occasions, and milestones. In order to maintain social etiquette, it is advisable to value the culture of gift-giving. Giving gifts for certain festive occasions proves that you and your business respect their culture and you are doing your best to immerse and appreciate their customs.

  • Keeps Relationships Open

Companies give gifts to their clients to keep in touch with them and to remind them about their business. It is not only a great marketing feature but also invites your clients to keep in touch with the business. Whenever a company sends out gifts to their clients it is evident that clients generally reply with a “Thank You” note. By sending out this reply they give room for discussions, opportunities, and solutions.

  •  Marketing Strategy

Sending out corporate gifts is a great marketing strategy. When companies send out gifts such as gift baskets or gift boxes, then these gifts will be sitting on the table for quite some time and thereby act as gentle reminders about your company. This also sends a message that your clients should choose your company’s services instead of choosing your competitors.

When do companies usually send out Corporate Gifts?

Companies usually send out corporate gifts to celebrate certain festive occasions or to appreciate employee milestones. Some of the corporate gifting ideas for milestones and occasions are listed below…

  • Welcome Gift

When an employee is recruited into your business, one way to make them feel welcomed and to encourage them in this new chapter in their professional journey is to give them a welcome gift. A welcome gift could be any item or object that makes them feel like they are part of your business family. The gift could be a pen, a company diary, a company bag, etc. A welcome gift encourages them and makes them feel excited to work for this company.

  • Promotion Gifts

A job promotion is a huge achievement. Hard work always pays off and every promotion must be appreciated, doesn’t matter if its the first promotion or the fifth promotion. A good way to congratulate your employees for their hard work and to encourage them to continue to work hard is to give them a promotion gift.

  • Work Anniversary Gifts

One way to commemorate the anniversary of an employee is to give them a memorable gift. This gift signifies the hard work and persistence they have shown in their work. The employees have been loyal to the company for a certain period of time and they deserve to be awarded and applauded for their sincerity. Work Anniversary Gifts can be fun and innovative like a desk plant to spice up the office, or a gift card to a spa to relax and unwind. One of the classic gifts would be a memento or trophy to acknowledge their hard work. 

  • Employee Birthday Gifts

Birthdays are a fun and happy moment in a person’s life. As people grow up and enter the workforce they tend to neglect their birthdays. A great way to make the office environment more comfortable is to celebrate your employee’s birthday. Studies have shown that celebrating an employee’s birthday tends to make them work harder and make their professional life happier. Employees feel connected to the company and they believe that the company values their personal milestones. It also allows team building as celebrating a birthday gives a sense of team unity. This little celebration also boosts the employee’s morale and provides a break in the normal routine. 

A great way to celebrate is to make the employee cut a cake in the office, this option though its fun may seem impractical another great way to make an employee’s birthday special is to give them personalized gifts. Gifts such as Vouchers, chocolate boxes, stationery, etc. If all else fails you can just give them a day off. 

  • Thank You Gifts

There are many occurrences when an employee does an exceptional well in their task or job. They need to be rewarded for their efforts, this not only motivates them but also gives them a better work environment. They will feel acknowledged for their work and continue to work hard, which in turn helps the company grow and flourish. There are many thank you gifts that are sure to make your employee smile with glee, some of these gifts include assorted dry fruits, Chocolate box, personalized mugs, etc.

  • Retirement Gifts

Retirement is a bittersweet memory for an employee. It marks the end of their professional journey in the company. It is time to look back on all the happy memories and the service they have done for the company. Giving your retired employee a retirement gift shows how much you value the hard work they have done over the years. It is a great way to say farewell and wish them well in their journey ahead. Some of the gifts you could give your retired employee is a photo album, another great option could be a personalized chocolate box with the picture of the employee on the box. This will be a sweet and memorable gift.

  • Gifts to Customers

A sweet touch to your customers would be to give them a gift. This is not only a great marketing strategy but it also creates a bond between the customer and a company. Customers will really appreciate it when companies send a gift for certain festive occasions such as Diwali, Christmas, etc or personal occasions such as birthdays or to just thank them for choosing your company’s services. This improves employee-customer satisfaction.

Some of the innovative gift ideas could be vouchers, spa gift cards, personalized pens, etc.

  • Launch Event Gifts

Launch Events are a great way to showcase the company’s product. This event builds hype and is crucial for selling the product. One way to highlight the event is to give Launch Event Gifts. These gifts are important as they remind the potential customers of the event and also remind them of the product. This is also a great way to market the product which in turn will benefit the company with more sales. Some of the great gifts that can be given can be related to the product launch. If its a product launch for an upcoming phone release, the launch event giveaways can be earphones, portable USB, etc. Another generic option can be chocolate, you can customize the wrapper of the chocolate, and add the logo of the company on the wrapper.

  • Corporate Gifting Ideas for Employee Appreciation 

Everyone likes to be appreciated! Employees especially like to be appreciated for their hard work and for their service to the company. A good way to show appreciation to an employee for their hard work is to give them a token or a memento. Giving gifts to your employee for their hard work will enable them to work harder. They will feel acknowledged and valued in the company and it also brings about a healthy competitive spirit within the workplace. Some amazing appreciation gifts to give can be a gift basket or personalized chocolate, etc.

  • Trade Shows Gifts

A trade show is basically an event to bring in all the members to display and demonstrate the company’s latest product. It is a great way to build team unity and discuss upcoming products. To make trade shows fun and exciting it is advisable to give away gifts to the participants. 

Some of the gifts that can be useful and helpful like phone covers, screen cleaning spray, blue light glasses. If you choose to make the gifts more customized you could give away customized chocolate boxes or add the company logo on the phone covers.

  •  Exhibition Gifts

Exhibitions are a great way to introduce the company’s products and services to potential customers. This is a great platform to bring about more sales and spread the word about upcoming products. Exhibitions create hype and are a great marketing strategy. One way to elevate your exhibition is to give small gifts as a token of appreciation. This not only creates hype but also helps in branding. Some of the gifts that can be given at this event are chocolates, pens, earphones, handsets, books, etc.

  • Purchase Incentive Gifts

In the literal sense, an incentive is used to motivate a person to perform an action, the literal meaning for a purchase incentive is to promote the sales of a specific product. Some of the great purchase incentive gifts could be coupons, vouchers, exclusive memberships, samples, etc.

  • Mall Events Gifts

Mall Events can be very advantageous for the company as they are great crowd pullers and great a marketing scheme. This is a great way to create human connections and enhance your marketing efforts. Some of the great marketing event ideas can be DIY Classes, Product Launches, Store Opening, Cultural Events, etc. One way to make mall events even more spectacular and interactive is to give away gifts, it can be in the form of prizes or mementos. Some of the gifts that can be given are pens, earphones, cookies, chocolates, vouchers. If you plan on giving away eatables you can customize the wrapper with the company logo.

  • Corporate Gifting Ideas for Conferences

Conferences are a great way to collaborate and discuss on a specific goal. Though conferences are a tremendous amount of work and also very rigorous a way to light it up and make it more fun is to give away goodies or gits. This gesture will not only highlight your event but also encourage your employee or participants. Some of the gifts that can be given are USB drives, Pens, Diaries, Customized Chocolate.

  •  Award Shows

Award shows are all about the glitz and glamour. Its a day to set back and relax and be rewarded for the employee’s hard work. Award shows are necessary as it brings about healthy competition and gives employees the recognition they deserve. Award shows also act as a day to look back and reflect on the company’s growth. A nice touch to an award show is the goodie bag. A goodie bag can have a wide variety of gifts, gifts that are related to the company. A popular gift idea would be customized chocolates. With the company’s name or logo on the wrapper. This is sure to excite your employees and higher officials.

  • AGM or Company Meetings

Company meetings are crucial for the company’s growth, A company meeting is usually rigorous and time-consuming. A great way to impress your higher officials and employees would be to give our gifts at the end of company meetings. These can be small gifts but they will mean a lot. Some of these gifts can be vouchers, cakes, eatables, laptop skins, etc.

  • Experiential Events

Experiential Events, commonly known as live marketing or event marketing experience is a marketing strategy that engages consumers to use branded experiences. Its main idea is to create a memorable impact. A way to make your event more memorable for the customers is to give them gifts to remind them of this event. There are many gifts that will highlight your event such as chocolates, USBs, computer accessories, etc.

  •  Team Building Activities

Team building activities are crucial for the success of a project. The unity in a team is one of the main factors that will bring about success. Team building activities are known to improve communication among teammates, increasing productivity, improving morale, encouraging creativity, and improve mental health. There are many activities that help in team building. A way to mark this event would be to give out gifts, this gift will act as a souvenir of this very special occasion. A great gift for team building activities can be a photo frame, a trophy, etc.

  • Charity Events

A charity event is a noble event as the primary purpose of this event is to generate enough funds for a cause. This is a great way to gather more funds for a change in society. It also brings awareness to the problem or the cause. A great way to make this event a success is to give gifts or conduct competitions and give out prizes for this event. A great gift can be customized chocolates, goodie bags, chargers, glasses, etc.

  • Corporate Gifting Ideas for Seminars

Seminars are vital for the transfer of innovative ideas and strategies. Seminars happen often in a corporate setting, to make your seminar stand out from the rest, a good idea would be to give away gifts at the end of the seminar. Some of the popular seminar gifts can be pens, chocolates, markers, etc. To add a fancy touch the company logo can be added onto the gifts. This is sure to impress your higher officials and liven up any seminar.

  • Training events

Companies need to constantly be updated on the advancements in technology. They are constantly competing in an ever changing market. Training events are vital for a company to stay relevant in the dynamic market. Whether it’s for freshers or for experienced employees to learn new technology, training events are crucial for the growth of the company. Training Events can be rigorous and usually take place for a few weeks. A great way to make these training events entertaining and fun are by giving away training event gifts. Some of the great giveaways can be a daily planner, stationery, laptop skins, wireless earphones, etc. A more innovative and sweet gift can be customized chocolates. These chocolates can have a group picture of the team printed on the box as well as the wrappers of the chocolate. This will be a great way to end a training session and also works as a good memento to remember this session.

  • Press Conference 

Press Conference by definition is an event that is organized to announce news and answer questions from the media. They are also done to announce a response to a specific issue.  

The company has the chance to present news in a more favorable light. During this event, there will be one or more speakers (typically few speakers) and these speakers will be addressing a bunch of reporters. The reporters will be able to ask questions based on the news given by the company. The press conference brings good publicity to the company as it creates hype. A great way to organize a press conference such that it stands out from the rest is to give away press conference gifts. They add a fun touch to the serious event. Some great gifts to giveaway can be water bottles, screen cleaners, Bluetooth devices, gift cards, chocolate gift boxes, etc.

  • Executive Retreats

Executive retreats are a team-building and development activity, this approach is mostly catered to executive-level managers. They are usually conducted off-site and they last for about a week. This is usually a time to unwind and de-stress. Employees are encouraged to leave behind all the stress that comes with the job and to take a day off. There are many activities that ensure peace and tranquility. Typically at the end of the retreats, it is apt to give away gifts to each member as a souvenir. Some great gifts to give your participants can be gift baskets, photo frames (with the photo of the team), customized chocolates with the photo of the team on the box of the chocolate.

  • Incentive Programs

Typically an incentive program is a scheme to encourage or promote a certain group of people for a defined period of time. In simpler terms, it’s a strategy to motivate your employees to work harder and to give them a better work environment. Incentive programs promote healthy competition between employees and it is proven to improve the performance of the employees. Some of the great rewards or incentives that can be given to your employees can be branded clothing, books, gift cards, memberships such as Netflix, amazon prime, Spotify premium, youtube premium, etc.

  • Annual Day

 Annual days are a big deal as it marks the day the company was formed. It is a day to look back on how the year went by. The annual day typically calls for a grand celebration with lights, music, and a lot of fun. In the corporate world, the annual day is celebrated in a grand way, there are many different types of events that take place on this day such as sporty events ( Cricket, Rugby, Football), Cultural events like dance, music, fashion show, etc. To complement the grandeur of this big day, the organizers can hand out return gifts to commemorate the event. Gifts like a lavish chocolate box, with the logo of the company on the wrappers and box, gift baskets, goodie bags, etc.

Corporate gifting is a great way to establish good relationships with customers and employees. It is a thoughtful way of being a part of your employee and customers’ lives.