Welcome Gift Ideas For New Employees

New environment, especially that of a job can be intimidating. One should feel they are in their second home and feel comfortable. This might take time but the first move can be made by the employer. How do you ask? One the first day itself, a new employee should be welcomed with warmth by presenting him/her with flowers and some welcome gifts.

Employee welcome gifts not only makes them feel welcomed but also embeds a sense of loyalty and trust towards the firm and other associates. Small gestures like this can motivate him/her from the very beginning to work hard. Now that you know why it is important you should also know what includes a new employee welcome gift.

Here we have put together for you a few ideas on welcome gifts for new employees that are mixture of common and surprising items that stand out of the box:

  1. Color coordinated items like old fashioned notebook, a diary, a pen, a coffee mug, lunch box, an easy to carry bottle and a bag, finished with a fruit drink and a box of our hazelnut chocolates is a perfect kick start gift. All the items in the welcome gift box can be personalized with the brand logo. Add a card with a word of encouragement and it will be cherished by the employee forever.
  2. Try to give something that goes with their job title. If the employees’ job requires a lot of travelling give them a solar power bank or an OTG pen drive. These could be included with other things like – a drawstring bag, a multi-purpose bottle which can be doubled as a take away coffee cup. In addition, always add some liquid and food in the hamper like chocolates, popcorn, and brownie. You can try out our Oreo Treats or Butterscotch Bliss.
  3. To personalize your gift even further, mix and match all the things mentioned above and you can add gifts like a wallet or key chain or some other accessory that can be used by the employee in their day to day activities.
  4. Adding maps and other items like sanitary kits or first aid kits can send a sense of care and adds an extra personal touch to the gift set. Chocolates are always personal and special. Our chocolates are not only pocket friendly but also handmade.
  5. You can gift items that can be kept on the office table like a plant, a photo frame or a coaster. 

Dos and Don’ts for Gifting New Employees

Try not to go overboard with the expense of the gifts. If you are a small company don’t spend a lot. Give simple gifts but usable ones, giving a pencil- box to an employee makes no sense. Also don’t give things like a wine glass, a beer pack or a pack of cigarettes.

Don’t choose colors that are very out there like neon or multicolored items. Subtle and simple colors are professional and easy to the eyes.  

Some kind of drink and edible items are a go to item to be added. Why you may ask? That’s because they don’t cost a lot and are always refreshing. Chocolates are one of the most common items to be used. Why so? They are egg less and thus cater to those who don’t consume non-veg, also they are handmade which states high quality.

Further you may ask why Chocovira? We personalize your chocolate boxes in and out. And you receive high quality boxes of different quantities at unappalled prices.

On boarding gifts are not only for internal purposes, it also builds the brand image outside the walls of the office. Potential customers and customers get to know that the firm or the brand really cared about its working associates and that they are ethical. Whereas potential employees will also have the same image in their minds and be highly dedicated to their work once they join. Personalizing the gifts brings in a sense of belongingness and pride in the firm they work for.