Promotional Gifts for Customers & Potential Customers To Build Brand Identity

“There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.” -Sam Walton

That’s right, you need to keep your customers to run your company and at the same time search for potential customers too. This is highly dependent and inclined towards building a strong relationship of understanding between the company and the customer or client. This will bring you loyalty and they will swear by your product or service each time someone else questions it. This strong inclination will get you more customers.

The question here is how do you build this relationship? Traditional means of advertising promotes your products but does not bridge the gap of understanding. Well, there is another way, promotional gifting. Promotional products have a great impact on receivers and build brand identity within your target audience and beyond that. If you want to know more, read – Promotional products – importance for business growth and branding.

Here are some promotional gifts you can opt for to advertise your company –

  1. If you are a sports and business company or provide service in this area you can rely on apparels with your company logo on it. Other items include shoes, headphones and workout bands. You can also give away free membership cards, workout, and diet plans.
  2. Give something that is visible and/or usable all the time. If your company is service based and you cannot give free or discounted services, try going for showpiece, wall or desktop items like – table tamp, clock, dream catcher, laughing Buddha showpiece, vase etc. There are uncountable items in this category. These products are not only visible to the customer but also people who visit their homes..
  3. Promotional products have to be of some use to the customer. At the same time you should think of solving some kind of problem for your customer which even he/she might not know exists. Like everyone has the problem of carrying an umbrella. There is nothing else you can carry with it. So, gift a U-shaped handle umbrella. Now, your customer has both hands free and will remember you when they use your unique umbrella. There are different types of umbrellas in the market that are unique and very useful like hands free umbrellas.

If you think only an umbrella is not enough as a promotional product you can include edible items like chocolates and other types of snacks. There are many companies that customize chocolates and even wrapping elements of the box it comes in for you. Check out our collection on Chocovira.   

  1. If you have a lower budget you can opt for items like pens and diary sets, stainless steel mugs or water bottles, earphones, and phone cases. Again include chocolates or other edible items in your promotional product bag here for more weight to your gift.
  2. Today everything is going electronic, literally. There are many smart products in the market that are unique and are given as promotional products. There are smart coasters of different types. Some smart coaster sets perform different functions whereas some have more specific ones like making your cocktail drink easier to prepare. Then there are OGT pen drives which can be connected to your laptop as well as your phone to aid data transactions.
  3. Alcoholic drinks like wine, whiskey and scotch have become quite famous as promotional products. It is safe to give alcoholic beverages only if you are a company that deals or produces alcohol, or if you are sure that your customers consume it. Never assume they do and give it to them.
  4. Gold and silver coins, mind sound too much as promotional items, but if you have the budget to so, they aren’t. You can have your company’s logo on the coin. If not immediately, it will be of some use to your customer in the future.

Always give the products in an easy to carry bag if the customer or potential customer is collecting it from your store. If you are getting it delivered to their house you might opt for a basket, otherwise a bag is perfect. Go for a fabric tote bag which can be used by the customer again and unlike plastic packets don’t cause pollution. Keeping just this in mind will also establish that your company looks after the well being of the environment and is inclined towards sustainable development.

Also ways to keep in mind the budget. Don’t give more than what you get from each customer, it is important to maintain balance. A simple gift for potential customers is enough for promotion.       

Promotional products is a huge market for advertising and brand promotion. Above were just a few examples from thousands that you can choose from. You can add or remove items as per your gifting requirements.