Best Welcome Gifts For Hotel Guests And Its Importance

Welcome gift bags or baskets for your hotel guests is not only a way of welcoming them to your hotel, but a way of welcoming them to a place which will be their house for the rest of their trip. Feeling at home means having all the essential and even non-essential items at your disposal which your guests might not feel short of.

Why Are Hotel Welcome Gifts Important?

Welcome gifts also notch up your hotel reviews and build a good brand image. A good brand image has a higher recall rate by the customers and they are more likely to talk your hotel in good spirits to others. This will not only raise the standards of your hotel but also bring in more customers. These gestures might seem small but are a great deal and a mark of a great hotel. Also if you think welcome gift bags might be expensive, we have put together some great ideas that will prove otherwise.

Below are some ideas that you can mix and match or execute them individually…

Always remember to add some kind of hydrating element other than water, snacks and some kind of sweet. Here it is usually a box of chocolates along with other things:

  1. If you want it the old and gold way go for what we call an “all in one basket”. Include toiletries, towels, coffee and tea packs, chocolates, a drink etc. Keep all these in the same place as a welcome gift basket.

The only downside to this is that when you are putting in so many elements you can’t send on something that is not common in all hotels. You can maybe add a hand sanitizer or a serum but these are not really out of the box. Upside on this is that you will not have to spend a lot. 

  1. To go a little outside the box, arrange for a welcome gift bag containing good coffee beans and different types of tea set. Here you can go two ways- either you can give a set which only includes coffee beans and tea leaves or you can choose any one, tea or coffee and give a full set which includes the pouches and mugs. Added with a hydrating drink and a 4 piece box of chocolates.

Include different flavors of chocolates like Roasted Almonds, Coffee Truffle, Berry Berry and many others which you can find on Chocovira

  1. Bath sets/ spa sets are not a common thing to gift, hence you can definitely go for it. Include a couple of bath bombs which can be either of the same fragrance or different, custom soap, scented candles, masks and essential oils. You can check out spa sets at Etsy.
  1. Travel set is a spot on welcome gift for your hotel guests. Use welcome tote bags for this as it will be easy for your guest to take it along with them. Include travel diaries, pens, luggage tags, neck pillows, card holder, passport covers, and travel pouches. You can select a few of all the above mentioned items. If you have a higher budget you can go for premium items like – noise cancelling headphones, power bank and plug adapter.

Include a box of chocolates and something to drink, whether or not you go for the premium items.    

  1. Snacks hamper is one thing that will not cost you much and can be fully used by the guest. Include both sweet and savory items to maintain balance and include some local snacks for the guest to really enjoy their trip, be it business or a simple family vacation.

Depending on your budget you can mix and match the above mentioned gift items. The reason behind including snacks and a drink is that people always need that. Some might have a meeting immediately after checking in, and they can carry these items and use it on their way. Chocolates are suggested because they are not messy, easy to be carried and almost everyone loves them! With chocolates you can also include brownies, the dried ones.

Now that you know the various things that you can include in your welcome gift bag, read the article Welcome gifts – what, why and when to send out one to understand the dos and don’ts of the same.