Out Of The Box Welcome Gifts For Different Events

Gifts and surprises are loved by everyone. Welcome gifts are gestures of gratitude and respect for everyone attending your event. Not only this, it makes them at home and really welcomed. Being a fairly common gesture of presenting a welcome gift to your guests, the items that are included in these surprise kits are not that surprising. To really make a good impression and to show that you really care about your guests, you have to think out of the box and include uncommon items. Although these items too should be selected keeping in mind the crowd. They have to be age, location and occasion appropriate.

To understand the above three mentioned criteria for selecting a welcome gift you can go through this article – What does a welcome gift include?

Below are some great ideas that you can consider to gift your guests as welcome gifts –

  • Let’s start with the most common one, welcome gifts for wedding guests – Destination wedding or not, always have a packaged bottle and a chocolate or some other kind of sweet included in the hamper. Chocolates are preferred as they are more liked and versatile in terms of flavor. You can check out over 2 dozen types that we offer or even personalize the flavors. You can include other sweet or savory items like nuts, high quality chips, and local snacks. To add something different you can add aromatic candles or maybe a small bottle of perfume. If you prefer put in a bottle of wine. Other items include – fancy soap, sunscreen and lip balm. Put all this in a personalized welcome wedding gift bag for easy carry or have it put it in a basket in their hotel rooms.

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  • Welcome gifts for new employees typically include a notepad, pen, a small or large bag pack, a bottle, T-shirt and coffee mug which are more often than not, personalized. You can notch it up a little and make the new employee feel at home by adding a few more items at the desk. Maybe gift a small plant and a photo frame. A little more expense on accessories like a pair of headphones or a pen drive. Add a box of Chocovira special chocolate from our menu for that special touch.

Well this is not all that you need to know about welcome gift bags for new employees. Click on – What should be included in a welcome package for new employees to know more.

  • For guests at a hotel, welcome gifts do not only means gratitude but also represents the high standard the hotel holds. Presents for hotel guests usually include bath and hygiene products. To add further in this common category of products you can add bath bombs and essential oils, and with shampoo and conditioner you can put in some hair serum. Further you can add things like a small map of the city, pinning the importance and exciting destinations to visit, a set of scented candles and some snacks or sweets.

We at Chocovira present flavors like Berry Berry, Hazelnut Delight, Coffee Truffle and various others to cater to your needs.

  • Forever loyal customers help spread the word about your business and bring in potential customers. By gifting these customers a welcome gift helps build a brand reputation. A small interment goes a long way. Gift things that the customer can use at home like a beer brewing kit, a free holiday trip, or simpler items like a basket of high quality snacks and other food items like chocolates, popcorn etc. If you own a small business you can opt for simple welcome gifts like a basket of quality food items and branded goodies.

You can either spend on customers monthly or annually. These 2 sub- categories have points to keep in mind. To know what those are read – Importance of gifting welcome gifts and its contents to customers or potential customers.

  • Student/ exchange student – Choosing for kids is not difficult as there are various items in the market for all age groups. Be colorful with your gift items and add some sweet treats like our Oreo Treats or Hazelnut Delight.

To highlight your inclination towards learning and practical knowledge you can add items mentioned in the article – Welcome gift idea for students/ exchange students.

  • Conference meetings are tiring even before it starts. Thus, a hamper of goodies is highly appreciated, welcoming and refreshing. Aside from a bouquet of fresh flowers hand over a bag which includes the good old things like some kind of packed juice and brownie or chocolates. Pen, pads and folders are common and can be kind of boring, but if the colors are selected carefully they can turn out to be really eye catching. Further there are numerous electronic products and accessories in the market to choose from for your conference guests

The following link further explains the importance of conference welcome gifts and the variety of chocolates you can choose from the options we provide. You can even personalize the flavor and the packaging – What you should include in a welcome gift bag for conference attendees and why it is important.

  • For housewarming guests there are a ton of things you can present, ranging from chocolates, small plants, customized candles, wine bottles and a lot more. You can even DIY some of these. Check Move to know how.

All these are just a few examples from a huge ocean of items that can be put together for interesting outcomes. Our team at Chocovira specialize in handmade chocolates packed in personalized boxes. Further we will take care of your gifting need. All you need to do is choose!