How To Entertain Your Guests For Your Baby’s First Birthday Party

The first birthday is a joyous and happy moment in a person’s life and it is something that needs to be celebrated. It’s time for fun and entertainment for everyone. The first birthday is a big day for you and your baby. So, mark the occasion by celebrating this with your friends and family. One of the big reasons for throwing a First Birthday Party is so that you can create memories that will last a lifetime. You should try to capture them in your family album.

When it comes to organize or figure out a plan for your baby’s first birthday party, a theme can make a big difference. Knowing that the party is all about mermaids, scooby-doo, storybook, jungle, princess theme, etc, or whatever theme you choose will help you to make decisions about decoration, snacks, cake, invitations and more.

Suppose you choose a theme-based party like a storybook theme or soccer theme, Then you need to hire a person who will host the party. So, the host needs to make a list of guests who are coming to the party. Then he needs to book a venue for the party. As you chose for a theme-based first birthday party, ask the host to decorate the venue as per the theme and also guide the host to make a separate section for the little ones and separate for adults so that both of them can enjoy it.

Make sure that you have an adult-sized sitting area in such a way that is convenient for them to have an eye over there little ones. Provide some adult-friendly food on the table in the center of the sitting area and try to create a crowd so that all the guests can mingle with each other. You can also prefer some mocktails for your guests as a soft drink.

Do you think birthday parties should be fun for both little ones and grownups? We think there can be various ways to entertain grownups as well as little ones.

Here are some interesting ways to entertain your guests at the party…

Ask the host to organize some simple games for the guests so that they can play and enjoy the game.

Here are some of the games that you can ask your host to include in your party (you can change it as you like );

Some of the games that you can play are musical chairs, the balloon pop, passing the parcel, Simon says, and a lot more.

Not only games you can also have a paper fold dance for your guest with some nice music. You can also hire a DJ group for both kids and adults as everyone likes to dance and have fun at the party.

And at the end of the party give some return gifts to the little ones as per the theme you have chosen or you can give some assorted chocolate boxes, candies of different flavors, plastic toys as a token of love and gratitude for attending your baby’s FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY.