Gifts for Employee Retirement Announcement

There is no doubt to the fact that a company is built on the backs of its hardworking and honest employees. They work hard not only for themselves but also for the company to keep going smoothly and help it to reach higher standards of perfection. They spend not months but years, working extra hours to get the company reach its monthly and annual target, sometimes even going beyond their activities described in the job description. Office becomes more of a home than a workplace with a fixed time table, habits and maybe some kind of ritual with office buddies, just like their families at home. Some employees travel miles and some live miles away from their families to just work. Such hardworking people deserve a special goodbye on their retirement day. Everyone in their branch office and closed ones should know how hardworking they have been throughout.

The best way is to send them something personalized with a card telling them about the event. Now the question arises as to what to gift everyone that is pocket friendly and is preferred by everyone? Answer – chocolates. A variety of them is available in the market, from milk to dark to nutty to white, chocolate gifts are quite flexible in type and also in flavor to cover everyone’s taste.

Talking about flavor, Chocovira offer over 20 flavors of chocolates to choose from – Roasted Almonds, Hazelnut Delight, Coffee Crunch to Choco Pan Masala and everything in between. Over and above all this, you can easily modify the flavor, if you have a different flavor in mind.

Aside from all this you can easily modify the container in which the chocolates will be held-

  1. You can have chocolate boxes of different shapes and sizes. This will allow you to decide how many chocolates you want to give per person. If there are a lot of people or you have a low budget, you can go for a 4 piece chocolate box, otherwise go for a higher number. Box gifts are classic and common and can hold different flavors. Over and above they can be easily personalized from the inside and the outside. You can have a picture of the person retiring on the outside with a small farewell text for him/her on the inside.
  2. A different type of packaging type can be chocolate jars. These are perfectly cute gifts and can be reused by anyone who receives it. A small card with it or a note tag attached to the jar is just perfect. The jar usually contains small blobs of chocolates which are very tempting as the jar is seen through. Each blob can be of a different kind making it a surprise jar simultaneously.
  3. A third type is for when you want to give something else along with chocolates. Now you must be wondering what that something else might be. Don’t worry we have you covered with that further in this article. Now, getting back, you have individual pieces or bards of chocolates. These can also be left in a bowl at everyone’s desk (at any occasion).
  4. The last type can be a combination of all the above types mentioned, the chocolate hamper. It is best for the closest ones of the person who is retiring. Decorated with some items like flowers and a card, it is a simple yet a perfect and sophisticated gift. Unlike theirs you don’t need to add any other item of gift with it.

Other items to add with chocolate gift

Well, there might night be something else too that you would want to add except the chocolate gift.

For the person who is retiring – Well, whatever you give them might be less as they have given their time and sweat to your company. For starters you can give them their favorite anything like – favorite fragrance, an item from their beloved shoe or clothing brand, coffee beans or tea bags. You can give them a free coupon to something from the company itself or gift cards of the brand they like. If they own a pet, a small gift for the pet will mean the world to them. You can also add a small award and/or you can give them literally something from the office as a souvenir like maybe a pen or the notebook they use.

For their close relatives – It’s not only the person who works hard but it’s also the support of their family members that keep them going. Acknowledging them for this will mean a great deal for the employee. Aside from the chocolates that you will send them items for the house. Like a small plant wishing them happiness and growth in terms of wealth and health with your company name or logo on the pot. You can also send them a wooden pen stand with a watch or a calendar. There is an ocean of items to choose from.

For his/her branch members – Office members always have each other’s backs. A farewell party would be nothing without them. Aside from the chocolate gifts, a photo frame of all the employees will be the most cherished gift. Engraved pens with the name of the retired employee are also something you could consider.

The best gift would be each employee getting an extra day off that month. We are just kidding.

An amazon gift card for everyone will be sufficient.

Now you must be thinking that why have we talked so much about Chocovira chocolates. Well, as mentioned above we offer a wide variety in terms of flavor and packaging but that’s not all. Our prices are unmatched with digits ranging from two to four digits.

Also we understand that it might be difficult to get everyone from the office in the same place due to the pandemic and the requirement of social distancing, so we have the option of individual delivery. With 50 orders and above we can send each order to each individual house, no matter where they reside in India.

What are you waiting for? Throw a memorable farewell for your star employee and order with us at