Events And Gifts For Annual Day – Events And Title Gifts

A great workplace requires a balance of hard work and good employee engagement for a great work environment. Annual day is best for such events. Everyone in the company bonds with each other with fun activities which might require critical thinking and team building strategies. It is a great way to have a fun day out with everyone including the stakeholders and other departments of the same branch/ company. Annual day can be a small one or a grand one depending on your budget and size of the company. 

Annual day is all about engagement and fun filled activities and so the gifts can be no different. We have everything lined up for you here. With different events you can choose from to gifts you can give during this fun and one of the most awaited corporate events. 

Sports activities for Annual Day  

The entire day can be divided into different sets of activities or just one big event. For one large event you can have games like football or cricket or a volleyball tournament. Encourage everyone to choose from different departments. This will increase interaction among everyone and strengthen bonding. 

If you want to divide the entire day into different small sports events then you can go back in tie with all the fun games like – kho kho, hide and seek, tug of war, dodge the ball, dog and the bone and other such games. 

The end of each game can have winners and the title for each can be different. Being a fun activity you can take a different approach to the types of titles you want to have for each game-

  1. Man of the match 
  2. Fastest runner
  3. Strongest person
  4. Team builder 
  5. The motivational speaker 
  6. The strategy builder

It is not compulsory to give really expensive gifts if you have a low budget or you have planned a lot of games. Simple (corporate) gifts like swag items, pen drive or chocolate hamper are also great items.

Other activities

Living in a pandemic situation right now is difficult and it’s almost impossible to have an annual day planned with a lot of people. Even though we are bound to our chair and some bound to their homes there can still be an online annual day. This will let your employees know that you really care about them and the monotonous nature of working at home will be. There are several games you can play online and many of these can also be done offline-

  1. Video game face off 
  2. Online or offline treasure hunt 
  3. Trivia 

Offline events – 

  1. Chinese whisper 
  2. Scavenger hunt
  3. Truth or dare
  4. Musical chairs 
  5. Mystery solving games 
  6. Any partner game

Other than games you can have a ton of other themes for an annual day like for example a cocktail party, free short stay at a luxury hotel/ resort, hiking or a pool party. 

Being fun the gifts have to be equally fun. Pen and diary sets are quite common and more professional. It will be more helpful if you get them something special and personal. 

  1. If you know someone who likes baseball or a cricket game, there can be free tickets for that. 
  2. Maybe a personal lifestyle kit or a voucher to their favourite store or brand. 
  3. If someone owns a pet, a gift for the pet will be a great deal for the person. 
  4. A free stay for the whole family of the winner at a luxury hotel.

Although it might be difficult to do this on a large scale and the winners will not get the prize immediately as they require to be personalized. Also not everyone will get the prize of the same price which might seem unfair to a few people.

So, what can you do in this situation? Go for chocolates. There are different types of chocolates to suit the taste of almost everyone. The containers of these boxes can be modified into holding different flavors so that if a person does not like one, they will have other options to try. Also it is a great budget gift. Yes, a downside is that chocolates have a shorter shelf life but, they can be shared with the receiver’s family members. So, it’s not only the employees but also the immediate family members your company will touch through your gift. 

There are different ways in which you can manipulate price and the amount of the chocolate gift. The most important being the type of packaging-

  1. Chocolate boxes are quite famous as they are versatile in almost every way. You can bend them into various sub types like a rectangle drawer box kind, a simple flip lid one or a carry box type. Its definite shape makes it easier to design and add a logo. The number of compartments can be as many as you want. Also they can be easily stacked and shipped without the problem of it being damaged. You can either gift it along with other items it only as itself 
  2. The second type is jar. They are usually transparent until you want a tag wrapped around its circumference. They are very much tempting because of the fact that they are transparent and can be noticed by anyone.       
  3. Chocolate bars and individual pieces are great if you are planning to give other items along with it. They can also be kept at everyone’s desk on a daily basis as a snacking item. 
  4. Chocolate hampers as gifts are really gorgeous. They not only have the main item, the chocolate but also are covered with other decorative things. With this as your winner’s gift, you don’t need anything else. 

We at Chocovira have your chocolate requirements covered. From making to shipping and everything in between –

  1. We have more than 20 flavors to offer. 
  2. You can design your own flavor and we will help you get it to your receivers
  3. It’s not only the flavor you can personalize but the entire packaging with design, logo message and everything between or beyond that. 
  4. Lowest price in the market! 
  5. Pan India delivery to individual houses*. Citing the situation we know it might not be possible for you to get everyone the gifts individually so, we have you covered with this too. 

*on minimum order of 100 pieces 

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