Range of Promotional Products For Different Events and Occasions

Advertising is tedious, time-consuming, and very expensive – this is what one usually thinks when they want to promote their brand or business through advertising. Traditional ways of advertising are expensive and require a good creative team to grab the attention of your target audience. They do reach and appeal to a mass audience but, there are other competitors in the market with presumably better strategies. You might also not be able to leave the kind of impact you aimed for.

In today’s scenario of the market with various competitors fighting for the attention of the same target audience that you are, you need to build strong customer relations. Here is where promotional products come into play. They not only do they build a reputation for your brand but also continuously remind people that your brand exists. Just like old fashion marketing but at a low cost.

There is more to promotional gifting than this. Read in detail about what is promotional product and about the advantages of going down this path for brand building – Promotional products – importance for business growth and branding. 

Promotional products usually involve giving items that your company sells. These items usually have the company’s logo, tag line, or any other recognizable text or illustration. Also, these are unique so as to attract attention.

Although, not all products have to be something that your company sells. A service-based company can gift items with night be closely related to their business and personalize those items. Similarly, not all products need to have a logo of the company. You have to keep in mind that the requirements of the receiver lines with your aim when you give promotional gifts. No one wants to wear a T-shirt with a huge print of a brand until and unless it’s a clothing or sports brand.

Now the question comes down to what all comes into the bracket of promotional products. Almost everything in the market can be promotional gifts, from head to toe; from caps to shoes, everything can be gifted in various events as promotional products. Even edible items and beverages like wine, chocolates, fruit drinks, and other such products can be used as promotional items.

Always be sure of three things while choosing a promotional product –

  1. Occasion
  2. Your aims and objectives
  3. Your budget

If you want to understand why these are important, do read Notes to make before advertising through promotional products.

Below we have put together some situations and best promotional gifts for the same –

For employees try going for something that you sell or items closely related to your business. Suppose you have a business in producing bags, you can gift those bags with your brand logo. This way when they are in public everyone can notice the bag. You can add badges that many put on their bags or key rings, again for a similar purpose as mentioned above. You can also give a good set of bottles or mugs with your brand logo. This way when they are in the office with a client they know about your company. If you have a lower budget you can go for edible items that are personalized. The most common item in this criteria is chocolates. Many companies like that of ours provide the option of personalizing the flavors as well. Personalized chocolates don’t mean you have a logo shaped chocolate. The packing is done your way with a caption, line, quote, illustration or logo on the wrapping of the chocolate and the box. 

There are numerous public and private events where you can easily advertise your products. Like in charity events you can give a special gift for the person who has donated the most or you can donate to charity. Either way, your name will be publicized. Not only that it brings credibility to your company and people see you as a company that is not only concerned about monetary growth but also the public, environment, and humanity. For in house events like a conference you can have various gifts to choose from like – a personalized deck of cards, wine glass set, wine bottle, perfume, candlestick holder, personalized pen, etc. Nearly everything can be promotional products.

Another event you can use as an opportunity to publicize your product is sports events. Try giving athletes or producers stuff that will be visible and will be used while they are on the field.   

You might be willing to present everything so someone present in the room, the event can be in house or public. The major concern here is the budget. It is not necessary to present the same type of gift to everyone and if you do, it is not necessary to opt for an expensive one. A simple good quality pen or a cardholder is a great gift too. People will appreciate the effort and not the price.