Notes To Make Before Advertising Through Promotional Products

All types of companies and services require advertising and marketing in one way or the other. If not by traditional ways of TV, radio, and newspaper advertising, you can choose other ways from an ocean of alternatives. One major way businesses are doing so is through promotional gifting. It puts your business or brand a hot topic among and also outside the community loyal to your brand. To know what it is and its importance read – Promotional products – importance for business growth and branding. 

Selecting promotional gifts are easy in terms of numerous options available, and difficult in terms of selecting the right gift for the occasion and the person who will be receiving the gift. We are here to help. 

Below are a few pointers you need to keep in mind while selecting a promotional product – 

  • Know your target audience 

You might think that these criteria have nothing to think about, for the conference it’s the delegates, for employees it’s all the staff members and for doctors and the nurses. The thing is here you also have to take care of who you want to reach through them, that is to the people you are gifting.   

  • Promotional products according to the occasion

Yes, there are many items on the shelf to choose from to use as promotional products, but not everything can be used on all occasions. Like for example at a conference where doctors are present, it is not advisable to give out wine bottles or beer bottles as promotional gifts. At a conference for doctors, you can give things like a C-shaped stick umbrella, lunch box, tumbler, or even a small table clock. It doesn’t matter whether he/she can’t use it in his or her chamber, all that matters is that they can use it.  

  • Logo or no logo?

You might think that not having a logo is not the option, after all, what’s the use of gifting when the logo of the company is not there right? Wrong! The main purpose of giving promotional products is to keep your company at the forefront, promote your products, and build a relationship with customers. When you give your customers something useful, you have already built a relationship and your product has already been promoted even if the product has no logo. How? The customer knows what kind of products you sell or services you provide and if it’s of good quality the will be passed down through word of mouth. 

 If you are willing to add a logo, add a small one. No one will use a t-shirt or an umbrella in public with a huge logo. Also, these tactics might seem too out of these. Being subtle and simple is the key.

  • Vision 

Build a strategy on what you are aiming for by giving a promotional gift? Do you want people to know about a new product or a line of a new product that you have launched? Or are you making changes and launching your old product? Or are you bringing back an old tread? Do you want people to know that you are the best in the business or just want to build a new consumer base? 

 You might have other aims as well. Depending upon what you choose you should build your strategy.

  • Budget criteria 

If you are considering giving expensive promotional products to your customer or employees, keep in mind how much they bring in. Yes, you have to build a relationship but at the expense of losses. If you are a small company, give simple gifts like chocolates, pens or notebooks. Anything that your customer can use daily can be considered as a promotional product.

  • Solve problems

Some someone helps you in the hour of need you always remember them, don’t you? Maybe the receiver doesn’t require any major help but there might be something they are looking for that you can grab as an opportunity to help provide them through promotional products. For example – if you know someone customer, employee, potential customer, VIP of your conference, or anyone who is going on a trip you can gift them a hamper which includes first aid kit, bottle, and maybe a power bank.

Marketing and advertising might seem difficult but when harnessed, can help you and your company reach the highest potential.