Promotional Products For Employees And Its Importance

A study conducted by PPAI or Promotional Products Association International showed the value and effectiveness of promotional products. People who could recall receiving promotional products in the past 12 months, 88 percent could recall the name of the advertiser and 85 percent accepted to have done business with the advertiser as a result of receiving the gifts. (

It is well established from the above numbers that promotional products are highly effective for advertising and increasing brand image, recall and identity. It is further effective when promotional gifts are given to employees. By doing so they not only feel appreciated for the effort that they put, and the milestones that they have achieved, but they also become a brand ambassador of your company. Clients that come to inquire in the office or guests at your employees’ house automatically get exposed to your brand. The guests might have heard about your company through your employees’ mouth but might have never paid attention to it. Now that they see how much your company cares for their employees they might notice.

There are a ton of gifts in the market that can be presented as promotional products. Most of them are swag gifts. Swag gifts are free giveaways for promotional purposes and include fairly common items like apparels, water bottles, tote bags, gift cards, bags, notebook, diary and the like. These items carry the logo or the tagline of the company which presents it. There are other similar but more useful stuff in the market too and we have put together a few here.

Check out some more promotional products for employees…

Easy To Carry Safety And First Aid Kit

Keeping in mind the pandemic situation and also otherwise, you can always give a safety and first aid kit to your employees. It can include a high quality, reusable mask, gloves, hand sanitizer, and the common first aid items. It might not seem much but is of great use and has a long shelf life. Also there can be a logo on each item so when used in public everyone can notice it. If it seems less to you, go ahead and add a box of chocolates. It does not have a long shelf-life but is sure everyone’s favorite. Add a sweet and encouraging tagline on the box and your employees will cherish it forever.   

Sports and Fitness Item Set

Cricket bat or kit, bottle and can holders, sports binoculars, hoop basketball game set, dart board, camping items or anything related to sports and fitness items can be gifted as promotional gifts. These can be used for a long time and a logo on the items will represent your business. It also sends out the message that your firm looks not only after the mental wellbeing but also the physical fitness of the employees. They also encourage this for a stress free workplace.

Items like dart board and hoop basketball game set will also be enjoyed by the employee’s family members and their guests. Thus, promoting your business.  

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Electronic Accessories As Promotional Products For Employees

Bluetooth speakers, headphones, earphones, smart watches and power backs are on the top of the list when it comes to gifting electronic items. One other item that’s trending nowadays is the OTG pen drive. It’s a two sided pen drive that you can attach to your phone and store the files in the pen drive and later shift it to your laptop and vice versa. These electronic items are useful at home, at work and even during holidays. Again a small logo or a witty caption will add a decorative touch to the item and attract attention.

Be sure of which type of phone the person you are giving the gift uses.  

There are many items you can gift according to your business environmental policies. If you stand for recycling plastic bottles, you can gift shoes and apparels made from recycled bottles. There are many companies doing this around the world and you can also partner with them on a project.  

Giving gifts to employees is a great way to appreciate their work and their achievements. But, there are certain pointers you need to keep in mind. Check these on Notes to make before advertising through promotional products